Good Friday Afternoon,

We are looking forward to seeing you next week! Please remember to wear a mask to school. We will be providing two to every student on the first day.

The administrative team will meet with each class from 7:34-8:30. After this, you will follow a modified bell schedule for the remainder of the day (see below).

Please contact us with any questions.

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Anthony Sperazzo
Tuesday, September 8 Seniors
Wednesday, September 9 Juniors
Thursday. September 10 Sophomores
Friday, September 11 Freshmen
Please CLICK HERE to view the GHS reopening plans with protocols.
Our staff has created this motto for the year
Bus routes
Please click HERE to view the bus routes.
Schedule for Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores during week of Sept. 8
Schedule for Freshmen on September 11th
Everyone follows this schedule starting September 14

Here is a map of the school with directions for one way hallways.

We will explain this when we see you.
Gilmanton Late Bus
For the Gilmanton students staying after school to receive academic support or participate in a co-curricular activity, please sign up during the day for a bus ride home. The bus leaves GHS at 5:00. Please see Mrs. Dubois (front desk) for assistance. The late bus begins September 8th.
School Counselor assignments
Director of School Counseling
524-7146 x218
2021: A - Cameron
2022: A - Green
2023: A - Currier
2024: A - Cameron
School Counselor
524-7146 x219
2021: Carpenter- McDowell
2022: Hazelton - McNutt
2023: Davignon - Laurendeau
2024: Canto - Logan
School Counselor
524-7146 x222
2021: McGreevy - Z
2022: McLean- Z
2023: Lewis - Z
2024: Macaione - Z
Gilford High School
88 Alvah Wilson Road
Gilford, NH 03249