GHT Challenge Concludes
Week 4 Winners
To determine the week 4 winners all of the participants with a weekly total of 21 points were entered in a random drawing. Each of the food pantries listed below will receive $20 from the GHT. 
Highest Points
Those participants with the highest total score were entered in a random drawing to break the tie. Below is a list of the 20 participants that were chosen. The food pantry they selected will receive $50 from GHT on their behalf. 
Diligent Reporter
Another 20 local food pantries will receive $20 on behalf of participants that reported points all four weeks. Those that qualified were entered in a random drawing. Below are the winners along with the name of the food pantry they selected.
Food Pantry Totals
There are 56 food pantries that will receive a donation from the WCA Group Health Trust. The check will be sent directly to the food pantry. We will also include a letter informing the food pantry of the challenge and how they came to receive the donation from the GHT. Congratulations to all the participants that committed to being healthier and were able to help their local food pantry.
2020 GHT Challenges
Resolution Recharge
During this weight loss challenge, participants track their weight and those with the highest weight loss percentage are awarded prizes. Actual weights are not reported, only weight loss percentage.
Feb. 2-29, 2020

9 th Annual Fitness Challenge
Teams of up to 4 people compete with others from across the state. During the challenge participants will track their activity for each week. Their total points for the week will then be reported to their team leader.
April 5-May 16, 2020

Walking Challenge
GHT members record their walking activity and report their progress. Prizes are awarded to those that report their progress.
September 6-October 3, 2020

3 For 3 Challenge
Members will earn points for following the USDA recommendations of eating 2 ½ cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit daily, while also doing 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day. Participants that follow the guidelines and report their points will be eligible to award their local food pantry a donation from the GHT.
November 1-28, 2020
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