Get Fit With GHT!
Week 6 Results

The WCA Group Health Trust (GHT) fitness challenge has concluded and the final scores have been tabulated.

Congratulations to all the participants! You should be proud of yourself for committing to be a healthy. The next challenge is to maintain the active lifestyle you have developed.

Alma Lopez Lara from Appleton School District said, "My team and I really enjoyed the fitness challenge. We motivated each other to work out as much as possible every week. Now exercising is a habit, not an obligation."

Diligent Reporters
A special Thank You  to the team leaders for reporting your team's points each week! Without your commitment the challenge will not work.

At the conclusion of the challenge, any team that reported points all six weeks was entered in a drawing. There were 30 teams randomly chosen to receive a prize. Thank you for being diligent reporters! A prize for each team member will be shipped to the team leader.

Get Ready For The Next Challenge!

The GHT will sponsor a walking challenge September 1-28. To participate in the walking challenge you choose one of three options to measure your progress. You can count your steps (you will need your own device to track steps), track the amount of time you walk or track the number of miles you walk.

November 3-30 is the 3 For 3 challenge. This offers GHT members the opportunity to practice some healthy living habits while also assisting their local food pantry. Members must follow 3 USDA recommendations to earn points by eating 2 ½ cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit daily, while also doing 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day. Participants that follow the guidelines and report their points will be eligible to award their local food pantry a donation from the GHT.
This year there were 47 different groups that had teams reporting points. Marathon County had the most participating with an impressive 76 teams. The Oshkosh School District had 27 teams participating and was followed closely by Appleton Area School District with 25 teams. Here is a complete list of the groups.  
Congratulations To The Top 30 Teams!
To see a complete list of the team rankings please click here .
Photo Gallery
Abby Bousley from the Appleton Area School District attending Pedretti Power Yoga LLC at the Wrightstown Wellness Center.
Anikka Tesch from Marathon County earned a personal record at the Journey's Marathon 10K race in Eagle River.
"After my yoga instructor challenged us to try this crow pose, I practiced at home with my kids," shared Jen Cardinal from the Oshkosh School District.
Kristen Dorsch and her husband Andy kayaking while on vacation in Washington. She is from Green Lake County.
Lesa Dahlstrom from Washburn County made the Shell Lake PTA Glow Run/Walk a family affair with her daughters.
Jackie Kurkowski and Jean Giller from Burnett County did not let the weather stop them from participating in the Suicide Awareness Walk.
Christa Jensen from Marathon County shared this photo from the Bubble Run, which they did with their children.
Nick Robarge and Lindsay Hermsen (Oshkosh School District) participated in Run Away to the Bay. It is a 55.4 mile relay from Oshkosh to Green Bay.
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