Great Job!
The WCA Group Health Trust (GHT) fitness challenge has concluded and the final scores have been tabulated.

Congratulations to all the Fitness Challenge participants that made a six-week commitment to living a healthier, more active lifestyle!

Now more than ever it is important for you to take care of yourself and a great way to do that is to eat a heathy diet and to exercise regularly. The next GHT challenge will begin November 1, 2020 and it's focus is on exercise and healthy eating.
Register Now!
It is time to register for the final WCA Group Health Trust (GHT) challenge of the year. The 3 for 3 Challenge begins November 1, 2020 and lasts four weeks. It offers GHT members the opportunity to practice healthy living habits while also assisting their local food pantry. 

How The Challenge Works
Participants can earn up to 3 points each day by following the USDA recommendations of eating 2 ½ cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit daily, while also doing 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day. Participants that follow the guidelines and report their points will be eligible to award their local food pantry a donation from the WCA Group Health Trust.

Dates Of The Challenge
November 1-28, 2020

Who Can Participate?
Any GHT member that is 16 years of age or older.
All of the scores have been tabulated to determine the final rankings plus the names have been drawn for the Week 6 winners. Click on the categories below to see the winners. Congratulations and thank you for participating in the GHT Fitness Challenge. All of the prizes will be shipped to the Team Leader on October 30, 2020.

Thank You Team Leaders!
A special Thank You to the team leaders for reporting your team's points each week! Without your commitment the challenge will not work. 

At the conclusion of the challenge, any team that reported points all six weeks was entered in a drawing. There were 35 teams randomly chosen to receive a prize. Thank you for being diligent reporters! A prize for each team member will be shipped to the team leader. See the list of winners here.
If you have questions, please contact:
Kelly Hageman
Phone: 608-663-7152
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