Week 3 Results
The WCA Group Health Trust (GHT) Fitness Challenge has passed the half-way point. Patricia Hornung from Marathon County says she started the fourth week of the challenge strong. "This has been a great way to keep myself accountable and on track."

A resurgence of warm weather is inviting everyone to get out and get moving. As Wisconsinites we know the weather will be changing, so now is the time to hike a trail to see the changing leaves, or spend your lunch hour on a walk to get some fresh air. It is also a good time to be active and finish up yard work or rake those pesky leaves. There are numerous opportunities to enjoy the fall weather, get your exercise and score some points!

The Week 3 results from the GHT Fitness Challenge have been submitted. You can view the list of Week 3 winners here.

Click here to see the team rankings after Week 3.

Week 4 Points

To be eligible for the Week 4 prize drawing, Team Leaders must report their team's points by Tuesday, October 13 at 4:00 p.m. All team members report their points to their team leader. The Team Leader can use this link to report their team's total points.

Please note, there is a drawing at the end of the challenge for all teams that submit their point totals for every week. So even if you miss the weekly deadline, you should still submit your team's points to be eligible for that final drawing.
Remember To Warm Up and Cool Down!
Warming up before a workout and cooling down after is good for you and your heart. Plus you can earn extra points during week 5 of the Fitness Challenge. Each day that you do a 5-10 minute warm up and cool down you can earn an extra point. 

Before you exercise, think about warming up your muscles like you would warm up your car. It increases the temperature and flexibility of your muscles, and helps you be more efficient and safer during your workout. A warm-up before aerobic activity allows for a gradual increase in heart rate and breathing at the start of the activity.

Tips to Warm Up:
  • Warm up for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • A simple warm up could be to do whatever activity you plan on doing (running, walking, cycling, etc.) at a slower pace (jog, walk slowly). 
  • Use your entire body. For many people, walking slow and doing some jumping jacks or push-ups will suffice.

Cooling down after a workout is important too. After physical activity, your heart is still beating faster than normal, your body temperature is higher and your blood vessels are dilated. A cool-down after physical activity allows for a gradual decrease in your heart rate and body temperature.

It is also good to stretch when you are cooling down because your limbs, muscles and joints are still warm. Stretching can help reduce the buildup of lactic acid, which can lead to muscles cramping and stiffness.

Tips to Cool Down:
  • Walk for 5 minutes, or until your heart rate gets below 120 beats per minute.
  • Stretch your muscles. Follow these guidelines when stretching:
  • Hold each stretch 10 to 30 seconds. If you feel you need more, stretch the other side and return for another set of stretching.
  • The stretch should be strong, but not painful.
  • Do not bounce.
  • Breathe while you’re stretching. Exhale as you stretch, inhale while holding the stretch.
Bonus Points With The Weekly Challenge
Participants can earn additional points by doing the weekly challenge. Each day that you complete the respective activity you can add one point to your tracker.

Traci Robinson from Sheboygan County shared, "We like the weekly challenge because working towards a goal pushes us to do better."

Week 4 (October 4-10)
Sleep 7-9 hours per night
Week 5 (October 11-17)
Do a 5-10 minute warm-up and 5-10 minute cool down
Week 6 (October 18-24)
Pick any activity from the previous 5 weeks. You can mix and match!
How Points Are Earned
Participants earn points each day depending on the amount of time they spend doing a physical activity. Choose which category you achieved and record the corresponding points. For example, if you did a 55-minute workout you would report 3 points for that day.

1-30 minutes/day = 1 point
31-60 minutes/day = 3 points
61-120 minutes/day = 5 points
121 or more minutes/day = 7 points
Prizes Available
Weekly Prize Drawing:  Each week, every team that reports their total points will be entered in a prize drawing. The chosen teams will receive prizes for each team member that will be sent to the team leader. All of the prizes will be sent at the end of the challenge.
Diligent Reporters: Any team that reports points for every week will be entered in a drawing at the end of the challenge. Each team member will receive a prize.
Challenge Winners: The top 30 teams will receive prizes. Each team member will receive a gift card and GHT merchandise.

Team Rankings
$125 gift card
$100 gift card
$75 gift card
$50 gift card
$25 gift card
$15 gift card
$10 gift card
If you have questions, please contact:
Kelly Hageman
Phone: 608-663-7152
WCA Group Health Trust | www.wcaght.org