Report Your Final Week's Progress!
The walking challenge has concluded and it is time to report your progress for the final week. Hopefully the walking challenge offered you some extra incentive to get moving and enjoy the outdoors.

Your final week of progress is due on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 by 4:00 p.m. To report your results, please click here . Be sure to select the correct week you are reporting.
They Got Their Walk On!
Walking has offered participants an avenue to relieve stress and enjoy nature and their surroundings. Many have felt a sense of accomplishment as they set goals and meet them each week. Others have happily reported that taking time to walk has helped them lose weight. Congratulations to all the participants who have committed to developing a healthy habit. Read for yourself what participants are experiencing during the walking challenge.

Anthonette Miller from Berlin School District: “My friend and I are meeting our walking goals. It has helped us get through the stress of COVID-19 and on-line teaching. We are even losing weight.”

Jennifer Brann from Kewaunee School District: “Never thought I would be walking this many miles a week!”

Sheri Woodall from Tomahawk School District: “The GHT Walking Challenge has been great for keeping me focused and motivated to exercise. Getting outside and walking has become a part of my daily routine. Walking certainly helps reduce stress and I appreciate that.”

Jessica Joles from Whitehall School District: “This challenge has made me more conscious about how many steps I am getting throughout the week. Each week I have increased the number of steps. Next week I am going to crush my goal.”

Robin LeMoine from Three Lakes School District: “My daily walks have been a salvation during these times of isolation.”

Ellen Schleicher from Sheboygan County: “It is wonderful to see all the flowers blooming on my walks.”
Week 3 Results
2020 GHT Challenges
9 th Annual Fitness Challenge
Teams of up to 4 people compete with others from across the state. During the challenge participants will track their activity for each week. Their total points for the week will then be reported to their team leader.
September 13-October 24, 2020

3 For 3 Challenge
Members will earn points for following the USDA recommendations of eating 2 ½ cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit daily, while also doing 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity each day. Participants that follow the guidelines and report their points will be eligible to award their local food pantry a donation from the GHT.
November 1-28, 2020
If you have questions, please contact:
Kelly Hageman
Phone: 608-663-7152
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