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October 28, 2019

Table of Contents:  
  • HM Letter
  • Petco Parking NOT ALLOWED
  • Picture Day TODAY!
  • Volunteers greatly needed THIS week
  • Box Tops
  • ISS
  • Note from Athenaeum
  • Yearbook Contest deadline TODAY
  • Dads Group
  • Toy Drive
  • Snowflake Fund
  • Board Meeting
  • Open Enrollment
  • Important Dates

Letter from our Headmaster
Dear GHWH Families,

There are some lessons that take only once to learn. I remember growing up as a kid in Arizona, and running out to check the mail. The mistake I made that day was going out barefoot in the summer. My feet were burnt for at least a week, and I never had to re-learn that lesson. But some other lessons take longer to learn. I still have mornings when I get ready for work and have to search the house for my keys. I can still hear my dad’s voice telling me, “If you put them away when you get home, you’ll know where to find them in the morning,” from when I was sixteen.

Life is full of lessons. Some we learn once, and others take more time, even years to learn.

I remember a few years ago, at a Great Hearts faculty orientation, hearing someone talk about the distinction between “I taught it,” and “they learned it.” It reminded me of putting my keys away. Those many years ago, my dad taught the lesson. But I clearly hadn’t learned it.

This is a main focus area for us this year as an academy. We’re continuing to practice this reflective activity, looking at homework, student assignments, and tests, asking ourselves if students learned what we think we taught them. This week, our upper grades will be taking an assessment on quarter one math concepts. This won’t be used for a score or be calculated for a grade, but rather, it will give us a window into how well we did teaching those concepts in the first quarter. We can use this data to find places we’ll need to slow down and review again, and identify other areas where we can move quickly ahead. We want to be sure that we continue to close any gaps between “I taught it,” and “they learned it.”

On another note, thank you to all the families who came out to enjoy the Fall Picnic on Saturday. It was a delight to be with you, and to see the commitment to building a great community at Western Hills.

Matthew Vlahovich
Petco has informed us that there are GHWH families parking in the Petco parking lot to drop off and pick up students. THIS IS NOT ALLOWED and Petco has asked us to relay this to all of our families. Out of discretion, we have chosen not to publish the photos Petco has taken to show us the vehicles and also people who are sitting at their employee picnic tables (on Petco property) that are GHWH families.
Petco has been very generous in allowing us to utilize a designated strip of their parking lot (which faces Ingram) ONLY during specific preapproved events the school holds. We contact Petco each time to get this permission (or not) on a case by case basis. They want to remind parents the Petco parking lot (as well as all business parking lots surrounding our school) is private property. Please do not park in their lot unless express permission is published via this GHWH campus newsletter. Please do no park in their lot for school day drop off or pick up. We wish to remain good neighbors and trust all of you will help provide this. Thank you for your attention to this important detail.
Individual School Photos - TODAY!

Online purchases may be made by clicking here .

School code: XY409113Q0

(Wednesday, December 4 are re-takes should your child be sick or you are unhappy with the photos taken on the 28th of October. We do not offer spring individual photos)
Volunteers - We Need You!
Please thoughtfully consider helping our campus thrive by giving of your time. Investing in our scholars will go a long way to accomplish our goals of providing more for our scholars. Below, are opportunities to share in helping the school day run smoothly. If you have even 1 hour a month, it would go a long way to helping our wonderful scholars in our academy.

Volunteers Needed for Recess : We're still in need of recess volunteers! Please email Dean Arredondo if you are interested ( You will not be able to volunteer for your child's grade level due to conflict of interest). Thank you.

Reading Group Volunteers We need adults to come listen to Kindergartners-3rd Graders read aloud every Tuesday & Thursday . Sign-up here .

“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.”
~ Winston Churchill
Box Tops Due!

Just a reminder, turn in your box tops! Box Tops are due next week! To make sure we get the submission out on time, we need to have all box tops sent to school by Monday, October 28th! Have your scholar turn them in to their teachers! They will add them to the box top coordinators box so I can take care of our submission! Please keep uploading all of your receipts to the Box Top app, every little bit helps! 
In School Suspension
Our scholars are young and human, and they will make mistakes in speech or behavior. They are still learning how appropriately to comport themselves. We believe that students should face consequences instead of punishment whenever possible. When deem necessary the teacher will send a student to In School Suspension (ISS). When a student is sent to ISS, the student will be away from their peers and be given their work. Students will also be given the virtues to write. Our goal is to have students in school. Parents will be notified that the student will be placed in ISS. 
Note from Athenaeum

Dear Great Hearts Families,
We are excited to announce that we are going to offer a “Sneak Peek” of Athenaeum on Monday and Tuesday, November 18th and 19th . These two days will be free of charge but do require registration . Space is limited and is on a first come, first serve basis. You may select one of the two days to attend the program. If you are interested in having your child(ren) participate in this Sneak Peek for Athenaeum, you may obtain a registration form emailing Verona Labrador . All registration forms must be returned via email to . We are looking forward to this!

Registration for Athenaeum for the 2019-20 school year is currently open for all grades except 4th grade. Click here to read more about our options and pricing schedules or to put yourself on the wait list for 4th grade. Registration is on a first-come first-serve basis, so please make sure that you put your student on the wait list if you are desiring a spot. For any questions related to Athenaeum, please contact Sarah Solombrino, Athenaeum Co-Curricular Campus Coordinator.
Yearbook Contest
Deadline for entries is TODAY - October 28, 2019
Open to all 5th &6th graders.
Click here to download the contest flyer.
Dad's Group

Saturday, November 2 - 8:00 AM
School parking lot

Calling all men of Great Hearts Western Hills!!! Dads, uncles, father figures of GHWH scholars: we will be building a shed on campus for the PSO. Please come lend a hand and help us literally build a community! We'll have pizza delivered for lunch for those staying.
November Phileo Project - Toy Drive
November marks a special time when we, in America, traditionally emphasize being thankful.
GHWH will kick off the first Phileo Project for the year during this season of gratitude!

Toys will be collected November 8

As we celebrate our children’s favorite characters from the tales that they are reading in their classes, please consider sharing that same joy with the Children at Methodist Hospital by donating a new, unwrapped toy for these children to love and play. Toys may be dropped off at the school lobby. This project is spear headed by the PSO Care & Concern Committee.
The Giving Season
Snowflake Fund
Give Joy! - 5 Days of Giving
As we enter this season of giving, we want to help you understand the campaigns that are taking place on campus or will be in the next month.

Snowflake Fund  , is a  parent-led campaign  that provides holiday Bonuses in lieu of traditional holiday gifts to teachers. The campaign runs through November 1-November 30.

5 Days of Giving  , is a GHWH campaign that  directly funds our Community Investment  . It is done the last week of school before the winter break and includes spirit days, prizes and other fun activities. 

To learn more about these events see below:

Snowflake Fund

The Snowflake Fund is an optional parent-led* fundraising effort to gift our Great Hearted teachers with a much deserved cash holiday bonus before they leave for winter break, and it is HUGE for them!! 

Ditch the Pinterest projects, monogrammed mugs and all the searching the night before for the "perfect gift"  - just one simple donation helps you contribute to the much deserved holiday bonus!

To add your personal touch, feel free to have your students (or you) make a snowflake saying why they love their teacher, you can  download  Snowflake Flyer   here !

You have the power to make it SNOW in South Texas!!
Ways to donate :
Paypal, send donation to:  or bring your donation with you for the car line on Fridays in November and your HOLIDAY GIFTING is DONE!

5 Days of Giving (December 16-20)
Community Investment is the  #1 most important way for families to support the school  . The vast majority goes toward faculty salaries, with remaining dollars helping with classroom needs and operations. All money raised during the 5 Days of Giving goes to our school Community Investment Campaign and helps us reach the goal set within our school budget. We could not make this school successful without our families supporting this campaign! More info to come...
Let's all pitch in to make the holidays Merry & Bright at GHWH!
Great Hearts Texas Board Meeting
For those who may be interested:
Great Hearts Texas Board Meeting
Wednesday, November 6 at Great Hearts Forest Heights Academy
9:00 AM-12:00 PM
Public comment is in the first 15 minutes.
Open Enrollment for New Scholars for the 2020-2021 school year
Tell all your friends to apply to Great Hearts Western Hills for the 2020-2021 school year beginning November 13!
Important Dates

  • Monday, October 28, - School (Individual) Picture Day
  • Monday, October 28, Yearbook Cover Contest Deadline
  • Monday, October 28, Box Tops Due
  • Friday, November 1 - Snowflake Fund begins, car line donations
  • Saturday, November 2 - Dad's Group build PSO shed - school parking lot
  • Wednesday, November 6, 9 AM, Great Hearts Texas Board Meeting @ GHFH
  • Friday, November 8, Literary Character Day
  • Wednesday, November 13, Open Enrollment for New Student for 2020-2021 school year
  • Saturday, November 16, 6-8 PM, Mother-Son Round-Up, MPR
  • Monday & Tuesday, November 18 & 19, Athenaeum Free Sneak-Peek days
  • Tuesday, November 19, 4:00 PM,Kindergarten Fine Arts Recital, MPR
  • Wednesday, November 20, 4:00 PM,1st Grade Fine Arts Recital, MPR
  • Thursday, November 21, 4:00 PM, 2nd Grade Fine Arts Recital, MPR
  • Friday November 22, 6 PM, 3rd-6th Grade Winter Concert, McAllister Fine Arts Center @ SAC

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