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September 2, 2019

Table of Contents:  
  • HM Letter
  • No parking in private businesses
  • Scholars not allowed back on campus after dismissal
  • Grandparents Day
  • Open Lunch
  • Comoposer of the Month
  • Attendance
  • Arriving after 7:45
  • After School Clubs
  • Yearbook Committee
  • Athenaeum Registration
  • Love & Logic
  • Important Dates
  • Important Links
  • School Contact Info


Dear Spartan families,

I wanted to update you on some administrative changes. Two weeks ago, Mr. Lincourt notified me that he was offered a position in his home state of NY. We were sad to see him go, but are excited for his new opportunity. We were able to call on several of our own faculty members to move into school leadership roles.
The newly assembled team is as follows:
Kyla Absher, Assistant Headmaster (focusing on grades K-2)
Heather Molder, Assistant Headmaster (focusing on grades 3-6)
Criselda Arredondo, Dean of Community and Culture

We will be spotlighting each of these individuals in the coming weeks.I am honored to have Mrs. Absher, Mrs. Molder and Mrs. Arredondo as a part of the GHWH Leadership team as we work to strengthen the classroom and continue to improve the implementation of the Great Hearts culture at our academy.

Matthew Vlahovich
After School Dismissal - Two Important Notes

  • Reminder: In an effort to be good neighbors to the area businesses, we are reminding families that it is illegal to park in the business parking lots across the street (Fred Loya Insurance parking lot) or in the Petco Parking lot (next door to our school). There was a near accident that happened during Friday dismissal which involved scholars running across Ingram with the parent after picking up their scholars. Parents who attempt to park in these lots, will not be allowed to utilize our afternoon walk-up pick-up and will only be allowed to pick-up scholars through the car-line.

  • For the safety and security of our scholars and our campus,scholars are not allowed back on campus once they have been picked up by a parent or guardian. If your scholar forgets homework, lunchboxes, or any other personal belongings, they must wait until the following school day to retrieve them.
Grandparents/Special Friends Day

We will be hosting Grandparents/Special Friend Days on:
Kinder & 1st: September 6 - 10:30 AM
2nd & 3rd: September 9 - 10:30 AM
4th-6th: September 10 - 10:30 AM
Grandparents or Special Friends are invited to join us for muffins and juice with their special Great Hearts student(s). Look for more details (including a link to register in a separate email).
Open Lunch - Monday-Thursday

Parents are welcome to have lunch with their scholar, Monday-Thursday, during their scholar's scheduled lunch period. Please arrive early enough to park in the parking lot on the side of the school (not in front), and get signed in through the front desk. Parents must present a picture ID at the front desk when signing in on campus.
Composer of the Month - September
Johann Sebastian Bach

"Born on March 31, 1685 (N.S.), in Eisenach, Thuringia, Germany, Johann Sebastian Bach had a prestigious musical lineage and took on various organist positions during the early 18th century, creating famous compositions like "Toccata and Fugue in D minor." Some of his best-known compositions are the "Mass in B Minor," the "Brandenburg Concertos" and "The Well-Tempered Clavier." Bach died in Leipzig, Germany, on July 28, 1750. Today, he is considered one of the greatest Western composers of all time."

“What I have achieved by industry and practice, anyone else with tolerable natural gift and ability can also achieve.” -J. S. Bach

Please note: we receive daily funding for   all students who are in their classrooms at 10:00 AM   . Therefore,   we encourage parents to schedule doctor appointments before or after that time so that students can be in their seats at 9:55 AM   . Please bring a doctor's note for all doctor appointments or they can fax it directly to us at 210-888-9484. (Please specify GHWH on all faxes.) With a doctor's note, we are able to mark your student as "present" and not lose much-needed funding!

Please remember to relay any planned absences to your student's teacher. For all other questions or concerns related to absences (that cannot be addressed by your teacher directly), send an email directly to:   . Additionally, please email all absence notifications as well to:   Attendance   Calling the attendance line is not necessary.

Please turn in all sick or doctor notes within 2 days of the absence   . Written documentation must be provided for ALL days your student is absent from school. Acceptable forms of written documentation include email, handwritten letter, or doctor's note. If a doctor's note is not applicable, please use this form when submitting a note for absence(s):  Absent Note
Morning Drop-Off

Morning car-line drop-off begins at 7:10 AM and ends at 7:50 AM. Class instruction starts at 7:50 AM. If scholars are not in their seats at 7:50 AM, they are considered tardy. We ask that parents pulling into the parking lot later than 7:45 AM, to please park and escort your child into the building through the front lobby.
After School Clubs

Don't forget! After school clubs begin this week! If your scholar is registered for a club, please remind them not to go to Athenaeum or the car line on their designated club day. (They will be directed to their respective club by their club teacher after school.) Parents, please refer to the specific day of the week your scholar has club by referring to your club registration confirmation email. A few helpful guidelines are as follows:

  • Feel free to pack an afternoon snack for club time (this is optional)
  • Club time is 3:50-4:50 PM
  • Remind your scholar on the day they have a club so they know not to go to car line, Athenaeum or walk up pick up
  • Club hosts will pick scholars up from their classrooms at start of club
  • Pick up scholars from clubs at side door where car line pick is usually let out
  • Parents will need to park and walk up to door to check your child out after club is over
  • Parents need their yellow placard to pick up scholars.
  • Send a change of clothes for athletic clubs (e.g. running club, music & movement club)
  • Scholars not picked up by 5 PM, will incur the $1/minute late charge and will be checked into Athenaeum.
A Note from the PSO

Yearbook Committee

Save the Date! First yearbook committee meeting, Friday, September 6th at 9:00 AM . We are looking for volunteers to serve GHWH through this wonderful opportunity.
Registration for Athenaeum for the 2019-20 school year is currently open for all grades with the exception of 4 th grade. Please place your student on the Wait List for 4 th grade as it is first come/first served basis. Please click here to read more about our options and pricing schedules.
Scholar Spotlight

Is your child participating in something special? Is there a unique situation that you'd love to highlight? GHWH would love to publish a Scholar Spotlight in our newsletters. If there is something you are proud of and want to share, please send an email along with a photo to our Director of Community Engagement: Johanna Garcia .
Love and Logic

Forgetting Homework : Does your scholar often forget his/her homework? Take a look at the excerpt below from the Love and Logic blog on the concept of "Paying Now or Paying Later" for an approach to helping your child become conscientious and eliminating a bad habit. Forgetting homework is an opportunity for children to recognize how they, themselves, can learn responsibility while they are young and turn this into a life skill for years to come! "Pay now or pay later". We highly encourage parents to not request homework from friends or Facebook if a child simply forgets to bring it home. Help them to realize the natural consequence of what happens when they forget it. This is a way for your child to learn not to do so in the future. Requesting homework should be reserved for times when your child is out sick and has work to make up.

From the Love and Logic blog:

Are You Preparing Kids for a World That Doesn’t Exist?

Is it really okay to hold kids accountable for their misbehavior… or is this an archaic concept that no longer applies to raising kids? We at Love and Love have always taught the same thing - hope and pray for affordable mistakes, provide a strong and sincere dose of loving empathy, and let logical or natural consequences do the teaching.
We provide unconditional love, dignity, and opportunities for kids to make small mistakes. That’s the “love” in Love and Logic. The “logic” develops inside the child’s heart and mind when they discover that the quality of one’s choices largely determines the quality of one’s life.
Do choices matter?
I remember the first time I heard how horrible and downright mean it is to upset our children by providing consequences. I was speaking at a seminar in Salt Lake City.
By the way… if you’re a Salt Lake City citizen, please don’t take any offense. I love your city.
A parent at the conference shared her confusion:
We caught our sixteen-year-old sending nude pictures of herself to her boyfriend. We’d been learning about Love and Logic, so we felt it important that we take her phone. We really felt that it made sense… but then her therapist told us that we were way off base.
Trying to understand the situation, I asked, “Tell me how you did it.”
Mom continued:
We were careful to remain calm and to do our best to use empathy. We just told her that we loved her and that we didn’t feel comfortable providing a phone when she was using it to do something inappropriate and dangerous.
I was confused and asked, “So the therapist told you that you shouldn’t have done that?”
Mom replied:
The therapist told us that doing this was too upsetting to our daughter. He went on to tell us that Love and Logic isn’t effective because it upsets kids.
“What do you think?” I asked.
Her answer:
I just don’t know how a person can raise a responsible child without having some accountability.
Over the past few years, a strangely popular “no-consequences” movement has developed among many. They seem to argue that if we just do a better job of loving kids and meeting their underlying emotional needs, there will be no need for consequences. They also suggest that using consequences… even reasonable ones delivered with great love… is a big no-no.
Have you heard this, as well?
There’s some truth in what they say. Yes! Loving kids, building trusting relationships, and meeting needs is essential… and it does tend to cut down on the need for consequences. The downside of their rather extreme position is that it ignores the reality that the world is a place full of consequences.
It’s pay now or pay later.
We can either help our kids learn that choices matter when they are young and the consequences are small, or we can allow the world to teach this lesson when they are older and the consequences are often tragic.
Are we going to prepare our kids for a world that doesn’t exist… or the real world?

Thanks for reading! Our goal is to help as many families as possible. If this is a benefit, forward it to a friend.
Dr. Charles Fay

You can find more articles like this on the Love and Logic blog
Living the Great Hearts Curriculum

“Next time I’ll work as well as dance,
Then I’ll be ready, like the ants!”

“The Grasshopper and the Ants” from What Your Kindergartner Needs to Know  
Important Dates

  • Monday, September 2 - no school, Labor Day
  • Friday, September 6 - Dismissal at 3:25 PM
  • Friday, September 6, 9:00 AM - Yearbook Committee Meeting
  • Friday, September 6, 10:30 AM - K& 1st Grandparents/Special Friends Day
  • Monday, September 9, 10:30 AM, 2nd & 3rd Grandparents/Special Friends Day
  • Tuesday, September 10, 10:30 AM - 4th-6th Grandparents/Special Friends Day
  • Friday, September 13, Dismissal at 1:25 PM
  • Monday, October 28, - School (Individual) Picture Day

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