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5-Quart Easy Enema Kits
NEW! With three nozzle options to choose from, these 5-quart, open-top silicone enema bag kits provide an easy-to-use home colon cleansing experience.

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treat prostatitis with essential oil suppositories
Client Testimonial:

"I received the package yesterday and did my first healing suppository, with my prayers for the healing power within me. And I want to share with you the good news: IT'S WORKING... I went to pee with no urethral obstruction, I had no pain and no pelvic and bladder pressure, and most importantly, I could sleep well. Thank you!" ~ Ed
The following links will help you learn about Optimal Health Network's unique 3-enema protocol and prostate suppositories:
enema equipment

What's The Best Way To Clean My Enema Equipment?
The best and simplest way to clean your enema equipment is to run hot, soapy water through both the bag or bucket and tubing. Also with hot, soapy water, use a small brush to thoroughly clean your nozzle. Add a few drops of our Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) to the soapy water, which acts as a non-toxic sterilizing agent. Our Enema Equipment Cleaning Kit includes both soap and GSE. If you wish to sterilize your equipment more thoroughly, soak your bag and nozzle in 6-10 drops of GSE and enough water to fully submerge both. Leave the equipment in this sterilizing solution for 30-60 minutes.

Drying the equipment is one of the most important parts of the cleaning process. Dry the inside of the bag with a paper towel to absorb any and all moisture. Then hang-dry both the bag and tubing. (The tubing and bag can be either disconnected or kept together, depending on your preference.)

Store your equipment with a crumpled paper towel inside the enema bag to continually absorb humidity. This step is crucial in preventing mold from forming in the tubing or bag.
ATP Fuel
ATP Fuel® is designed to support the Krebs Cycle of cellular energy production. The Krebs Cycle takes place inside the mitochondria or "power plant" of the cell and it is the body's primary energy producer. ATP Fuel is formulated for athletes and patients who are seeking optimized energy.
pet health
Our resource on pet health is still being developed. If you have stories of using enemas, suppositories, or essential oils with your pets to improve their health, we would love to hear from you. Here are a few thoughts to start with:

Feed your pet raw food, especially meat...  Diffusing lavender promotes a relaxed and peaceful attitude in pets...  One of the simplest cancer-deterring supplements you can add to your dog's food is coconut oil.

enema soap
Tip of the Day:
Made-for-Enema Soap
Kristina Amelong explains why it's important to use a made-for-enema soap rather than an ordinary soap such as Ivory in your enema series. Made-for-enema soap is made with targeted therapeutic ingredients intended for absorption into the colon and does not contain harsher ingredients and chemicals often found in common household soaps such as Ivory.
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