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The Best Cure for Constipation?
An Informed Plan!
Whether you experience constipation every once in a while or regularly, it's important to remember that daily bowel movements are good for your health. As a professional colon hydrotherapist, I always tell my clients that they should aim for at least one 12" stool daily -- ideally two -- which is at least the diameter of a quarter. If you aren't experiencing regular bowel movements such as these, you should consider new ways to relieve constipation naturally, or eventually you are likely to run into health problems.

Over the years in my clinical practice, I have helped clients overcome a wide array of health problems that arose at least in part due to constipation. These include fatigue, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic gas and bloating, headaches, mood and hormonal imbalances, allergies, muscle aches, and anal fissures, as well as more severe imbalances such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and fibromyalgia. Many of these health issues can potentially be eased or even eliminated by addressing proper bowel function and finding the constipation cures that work for you.
Kristina Amelong
In my book, Ten Days to Optimal Health, you will find a multi-step program that teaches you what lifestyle habits will naturally provide constipation relief. By working with your body in ten-day increments, you can increase your awareness of how your body works without feeling imprisoned by the changes. This way, you will more easily be able to choose foods and activities that bring about regularity and constipation relief. In addition, you will come to understand which environmental stimuli often cause you to become constipated and which environmental stimuli assist your colon to fully function, thus curing your chronic constipation.

The Ten Days to Optimal Health program is clinically proven and easy to follow. These wellness activities can be completed in the privacy of your own home or with the help of a colon hydrotherapist.
enema kit for complete colon cleanse
Coffee Enema Kits and Organic Coffee for Enemas
Coffee in enemas increases the detoxification benefits of the colon cleanse. Made especially for enemas, our organic, air-roasted Optimal Health Network coffee is high in caffeine and palmitic acid, which are two key therapeutic elements that the body uses for an effective detoxification. (Never use a decaffeinated coffee for your coffee enema.) When you buy organic enema coffee from us, you can be sure you're getting coffee optimized specifically for colon-cleansing benefit.

We offer several coffee enema kits that are easy to use and latex-free. Our coffee enema kits include a complete home enema system with enema bag or bucket, enema tubing, enema nozzle, a lubricant, and a downloadable "How To Take an Enema" booklet. Our coffee enema kits also include a downloadable "Large-Volume Enema" video.
coffee enema kits
how to cure anal fissures
Effective Natural Treatment
for Anal Fissures
Anal fissures are tears in the anal canal, usually caused by overstretching the anus. Anal fissures can also be caused by irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Candida albicans, chronic diarrhea, hemorrhoids, or other biochemical imbalances that can leave the anus inflamed. Fissures occur in both men and women and at all ages. The prime symptom of an anal fissure is pain, which is often extreme. This pain occurs during, and for minutes to hours after, defecation. Bright red blood is also a common symptom of anal fissures.

Many people find it hard to heal from anal fissures and are faced with surgery. In my professional experience, I have found that anal fissures can always heal without surgery. By following a meticulous regimen of bowel habits and dietary changes, you can heal.

Unfortunately, the common advice involving high-fiber diets, fiber supplements, stool softeners, medicated creams, and plenty of fluids does not always work, leaving many people feeling hopeless and opting for needless surgery. Surgery for anal fissures does not address their cause. Worse, when you cut into a portion of the internal anal sphincter, you are likely to diminish your ability to control your bowel movements as you age.

how to cure anal fissures without surgery
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