February 2021
Barna Bencs
Tell us a little about yourself: 

I have been married to my wife Karen for 27 years and have four children (two girls/two boys) in college right now including 21 year triplets that attend UW-LaCrosse and my youngest at 19 starting this fall at UW-Milwaukee. I have worked for Andrea & Orendorff,LLC, a local CPA firm, now for 21 years doing consulting work full-time for Kenosha County. I began my career at the County as a Fiscal/Budget Analyst and have been the County Budget Director now for four years.
How long have you been volunteering for United Way of Kenosha County? 

I began I believe 15 years ago volunteering to be a member of the United Way Finance Committee and Audit Committees.
How did you get involved with United Way of Kenosha County?  

I wanted to get involved in the community and a friend of mine had just joined the Finance Committee and encouraged me to participate.
What is your favorite experience/story from your work with United Way of Kenosha County?

My favorite experience has been seeing all the positive changes to the financial statement and accounting process for the KC United Way. This is reflected by the unqualified opinion the organization receives each year with very few changes brought forward by the outside auditors.
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy collecting antique and historical items from Kenosha and Racine concentrating mainly on bottles and related advertising.
What would you say to someone who is thinking of volunteering for United Way of Kenosha County?

I would encourage anyone to volunteer just a little bit of your time or expertise and the cumulative results reflect how valuable it can be for the organization.
What is your favorite quote?

Creativity is intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein
Tell us something that inspires you?

Living and working in the Kenosha community, my inspiration comes from the many people I interact with at the County that do a tremendous job in making Kenosha a great place to be.