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Letter from the Board
It only seems fitting that I get to serve the chapter as social media chair in 2018. Nearly four years ago, it was it was a social media posting on the GKC-PRSA Facebook page that prompted me to apply to my current communications job. That single post drastically changed and improved my communications career, and I am so thankful I stumbled on it.

It is my pleasure to help communicate the many contributions of the chapter on our social media channels and recap the chapter’s many successes in 2018. Make sure you are plugged in and informed about what is happening in the chapter by following us on Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and LinkedIn . You can also connect further on LinkedIn by adding the chapter to your professional activities on your LinkedIn profile and joining our discussion group on LinkedIn.

Public relations and communications will always evolve and continue to change. Although networking and building your reputation may be conducted differently today than it has in years past, getting involved, actively engaging in professional activities and meeting others in the industry will continue to be an important piece of your career development.

It is my goal to make sure you are aware of the many opportunities and programming the chapter has to offer. If you ever have any questions about the chapter’s social media, suggestions, questions or want to personally connect, please feel free to message the chapter or me on any social media channel.  

Beth Holz
Social Media Chair

Call to membership—2018 PRISM Gala Event Planning
The Greater Kansas City PRSA chapter is seeking a Vice President of PRISM to serve on this year’s Board of Directors. The chapter is also inquiring for individuals to serve on the PRISM Gala committee and/or an experienced event planner who can provide expertise and insight into its implementation.

The PRISM Gala is GKC-PRSA’s ultimate opportunity to celebrate member achievement, the Kansas City area’s only awards competition, and a premier event for the public relations industry in the area. This signature event is of the highest importance to the chapter, not only as an amazing networking and recognition experience, but as a revenue source to support the programming in which we benefit from all year long.

Without these vital, volunteer positions filled, this program faces an uncertain future. Without leadership for planning the gala, creative solutions and tough decisions will have to be considered to execute an alternative event and secure necessary chapter funds.

Those that volunteer their time toward PRISM 2018 will join an existing team that has already begun planning for the judging and call-for-entries side of the program. They would not only serve the chapter membership in a big way, but also get an opportunity to exercise and display leadership skills, build a professional resume, network for their current organization or their next job, and have an outlet for creative ideas. The chair and committee members are recognized at the event during the ceremony and throughout the program.

As a plea to chapter membership, please consider volunteering your time and organization’s support to help us continue to provide a first-class event. If you would like to volunteer on the committee, provide in-kind skills, or provide leadership and expertise for this event, please contact chapter president Norita Taylor, APR, at noritataylor@gmail.com .
Follow GKC-PRSA on Social
By following Greater Kansas City Public Relations Society of America on social media, you can be reminded about upcoming events, gain insightful public relations and communications tips, keep up with other GKC-PRSA members, area job openings and feel a part of the public relations industry in the area. You can find GKC-PRSA on social media at:

Twitter: @GKCPRSA
Remember to add your membership to GKC-PRSA onto your LinkedIn profile to show your affiliation with the organization and the reputation it has among public relations practitioners. 
Upcoming Chapter Events
Feb. 27: Strategies used to market the current KCI and strategies that will be used to market a #BetterKCI

11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.
Location TBD
Cost: $25 for members and $35 for non-members
Take off with us as Justin Meyer from the marketing team at KCI discusses how he works with airline companies all over the world to bring more flights in and out of KCI. Learn about how Justin and his team manages current challenges and reach marketing goals, and how they plan to develop strategies for the New KCI.
Happy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary to the following members in February:
  • Jessica Bjorgaard
  • Marny Elizabeth Burke
  • Jacqueline Kay Clark, MPA, APR, Fellow PRSA
  • Sue W. Evers, APR
  • Leila Gallagher
  • Laurel Gifford
  • Michael F. Grimaldi
  • Thomas E. Heapes, APR
  • John Conrad O'Connell
  • Anita Kathleen Parran
  • Laurie Roberts
  • Michelle Simon
  • Lydia Young
  • Marissa Wamble
  • Kimberlee Mann
Welcome New Members!
  • Jennifer Haugh
  • Elizabeth Humburg
  • Ally Schae Northrup