Happy New Year everyone. I hope your holidays were full of warmth and happiness. I look forward to leading our chapter and I know this year will be terrific. One reason I know this is because of the tremendous job that was done by our immediate past-president, Jean Peat, APR. I want to thank her and the rest of the 2017 board for making our chapter thrive this past year. I especially want to thank them for the most recent Professional Development event which had one of the biggest turnouts of the year. Those lucky to attend “Women in PR and the C-Suite” heard what I can honestly say was some of the most valuable perspectives as a professional and that I have used much of what I heard that day since then. I think it’s safe to say that we intend to have more events like that in the future.
I’ve reviewed our chapter’s member survey and I am aware of the things everyone would like to see more of this year. We will do our best to deliver, but quite frankly, we could use some more help to make that happen. I want to point out that while we have in place a terrific group of board members, we are still needing to fill some open roles. While attending the National PRSA Leadership Rally this past October, I Iearned that most other chapters also struggle with volunteerism and membership, and so we are not unique in facing this challenge. Are you ready to join us? If so, let’s talk. You can reach me at noritataylor@gmail.com .
I also found out that our chapter is one of a small number that still require the APR designation to serve as president and president-elect. We will continue to promote accreditation and fully support candidates, but our chapter’s pool of accredited individuals has not grown enough to sustain that policy. In order to ensure the roles of president-elect and president are filled with otherwise qualified individuals, that requirement has been removed. We have also added the role of VP of Diversity. I think this is something our chapter would benefit greatly from including.
So, here is to a new year filled with meaningful learning opportunities and lively conversations. I hope to see you soon.
Fearlessly forward,
Norita Taylor, APR
President, Greater Kansas City Chapter of PRSA