Thanks, and good luck to everyone that submitted an entry to our chapter’s PRISM awards. We received almost exactly the same amount of entries as last year and take that as a very good sign. I hope to see you all get the recognition you deserve.

Speaking of recognition, I want to point out that trophies are not the only way to recognize good works. Once in a while, we will receive a message from a member about a new achievement such as a new client, but we would love to get more things like that. And, it doesn't have to be all business. Did an employee run in a marathon? Volunteer at a charity event? Send us your good news so that we can share it. 

Recently, I have heard from PRSA national and they were anxious to learn who from our chapter will attend the Leadership Rally in October. Each year in the fall, preceding the International Conference, PRSA holds a series of seminars and break-out sessions for incoming chapter leaders. I attended last year and found it highly valuable for networking and education. There I met other presidents-elect, all with the same concerns about the challenges they faced with their upcoming positions. Those connections have already proven invaluable and I hope someone else can have this same experience.

But because we do not have a president-elect, we currently do not have someone planning to attend the Leadership Rally. I am seeking a current member that would like to gain leadership experience and help keep our chapter's important activities going in 2019. Ideally, that person has years of experience as a PR practitioner and is a long-term member. There is still time to get on board and take advantage of this opportunity at the Leadership Rally. But I do need to hear from you right away. If you are interested in this or other board positions in 2019, please reach out to me at

Norita Taylor , APR
GKC-PRSA - President