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- Sinestro, Green Lantern #1

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Please update your DC Comics pulls to ensure you receive the New 52 books you're interested in! Even though I have ordered record numbers for the entire line, demand is proving to be strong. Don't miss an issue!


As a reminder, anyone who purchases all 52 new #1s will enjoy:


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The September Previews Catalog is now online! You can view it here! 



New DC 52 This Week!

Wow, what an opening week of the new DC!  I've seen numerous lapsed readers returning to the fold as well as brand new readers coming in to check things out.


I hope everyone is enjoying the new books!  Please let me know what you think.


My personal favorite was Jeff Lemire's Animal Man.  If you skipped it last week, consider giving it a try.


New this week:




Battling evil with his son, Damian, at his side, Batman now realizes that the hardest part of the job may be trying to work together! As Batman and Robin try to adjust to their new partnership, a figure emerges from Bruce Wayne's past--one not happy that Batman Incorporated is shining a light on his own shadowy war against evil.


Preview the issue here! 




Batwoman faces deadly new challenges in her war against Gotham City's underworld--and new trials in her life as Kate Kane. Will Kate train her cousin, Bette Kane, as her new sidekick? How will she handle unsettling revelations about her father, Colonel Jacob Kane? And why is a certain government agency suddenly taking an interest in her? Story & art by J.H. Williams III.


Preview the issue here! 




Slade Wilson is the best mercenary in the DCU, and he's been doing this a long time. Some might say too long. But they'll learn: never turn your back on Deathstroke the Terminator. He won't quit, no matter how high the stakes.




Set in the Dark Ages of the DC Universe, a barbarian horde is massing to crush civilization. It's fallen to Madame Xanadu and Jason Blood, the man with a monster inside him, to stand in their way--though the demon Etrigan has no interest in protecting anyone or anything other than himself! Written the the writer of the excellent Luthor stories in Action Comics, Paul Cornell.




Frankenstein is part of a network of strange beings that work for an even stranger government organization. But can he protect the world from threats even more horrifying than himself? And since he's vilified for who and what he is, will he even want to take on this mission?  By the writer of Sweet Tooth and Animal Man, Jeff LemireCovers by friend of FNC, J.G. Jones! 




The red-hot GREEN LANTERN team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Doug Mahnke introduce an unexpected new Lantern.




Cole Cash is a charming grifter few can resist. And yet he's about to be branded a serial killer when he begins hunting and exterminating inhuman creatures hidden in human form--creatures only he can see! Can the biggest sweet-talker of all time talk his way out of this one?




Seven heroes from the 31st century have traveled back to the present day. Their mission: save their future from annihilation. But when the future tech they brought with them fails, they find themselves trapped in a nightmarish world that, for them, is the ultimate struggle to survive! LLL




The world's third smartest man uses his brains and fists against science gone mad! Michael Holt is the head of a successful high-tech corporation and an institute that recruits and encourages the finest minds of the next generation to excel. But as Mister Terrific he inhabits a world of amazement few others know exists, let alone can comprehend. Another cover by J.G. Jones!




 The Red Lanterns of Rage star in their very own comic book series by writer Peter Milligan and artist Ed Benes. Atrocitus and his Red Lantern Corps return, battling against injustice in the bloodiest ways imaginable! 



Resurrection Man can't stay dead for long--and with each rebirth comes new and unexpected powers. But his many returns have not gone unnoticed, and forces are gathering to learn what's so special about him...and to see which of them will finally stop Resurrection Man dead.




They're a team of death-row super villains recruited by the government to take on missions so dangerous they're sheer suicide! Harley Quinn! Deadshot! King Shark! Defeated and imprisoned, they're being interrogated about their mission--and about who's pulling the strings behind this illegal operation.




Grown from a combination of Kryptonian and human DNA, the Clone was no more than a set of data to the scientists of Project N.O.W.H.E.R.E. But when the scope of his stunning powers was revealed, he became a deadly weapon! Now the question is: can a clone develop a conscience? Wildstorm fans will be happy with a certain guest star! 





We have the THOR movie dvd and blu-ray!  Both are loaded with lots of extras as we wait for next year's Avengers movie.


Anyone purchasing a Thor movie dvd or blu-ray can also get Thor Tales of Asgard animated feature dvd for 25% off!


Ultimate Comics Spider-man #1

Ultimate Spider-man 1


Marvel has a pretty big #1 this week too!  Meet Miles Morales, the all-new Ultimate Spider-Man!  

Podcast Interviews

Interview With Paul Cornell (Demon Knights) 



In this episode the boys are very pleased to have comic writer Paul Cornell writer of the new DC titles Stormwatch and Demon Knights, we also talk about some of his previous comic work such as Knight and Squire,Batman and Robin,and Captain Britain & MI13. To learn more check out his blog http://www.paulcornell.com/ 


Interview With Vikto Kalvachev (Blue Estate) 


In this episode we have returning guest Viktor Kalvachev and we talk to him about his Image comic Blue Estate,the upcoming Image graphic novel Pherone and his cover work on the DC comic Men of War. to learn more go to http://www.kalvachev.com/home.html



We Carry A Full Line of WALKING DEAD Comics, Trades & T-Shirts!



Walking Dead Season 2 First Look  


Sheriff Rick Grimes literally takes matters into his own hands in this first look at season 2 of The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead returns in October on AMC.


New Comics Wednesday! 

For a list of this week's new comics, check
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They're BACK! This summer, the original heroes in a half-shell, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles make a triumphant return to comics!  


Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo,  

and Raphael

reunite to bring their ninja aptitude and teenage attitude to IDW Publishing in this all-new, action-packed series.  


Pick up our limited FNC Store Variant!! 



Rebekah Isaacs Signed Variant Available!
Angel Faith #1
Did you miss our Rebekah Isaacs signing?


Fear not! You can still pick up a signed copy of the Angel & Faith #1 exclusive "Red Sox Nation" variant!


Sugar & Spike
DC's cult favorite comic about a pair of precocious babies is collected at last in this volume.

Hot-tempered Sugar Plumm and shy Cecil "Spike" Wilson may be toddlers, but they know more about getting into trouble than most grown-ups. And while they can understand each other perfectly, all their parents seem to hear when they speak is "Glx sptzl glaah!"

Now, DC Comics collects their classic series for the first time, starting with issues #1-10, in this hardcover showcasing stories and art by the talented Sheldon Mayer, inspired by the hijinks of his own children.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Nine #1

FREE Buffy Pin & Paper Doll

Season 8 ended with a bang when Buffy cut the world off from the hell dimensions and all supernatural influence. Great, right? Except Buffy has left her best friend, Willow, powerless, and ended the long line of vampire slayers, leaving her hated by the hundreds of girls who recently stood behind her. Newly relocated to San Francisco, Buffy can count on a fresh start, and focus on what she's good at-slaying.


With your purchase of Buffy #1 receive a FREE Buffy Pin and a FREE Buffy Paper Doll! 

27 Second Set

The next, new reader-friendly chapter in the 27 saga begins HERE.

Almost a year after the events of 27: FIRST SET, Will Garland, down-on-his-luck rock star, is desperate to recapture his lost fame.

How far will he go, and will he encounter more cosmic craziness and intense action on the way? Answers: very far indeed, and absolutely. But on the plus side - groupies!