Take Care of Your Patients
By Taking Care of Yourself

The Physician Wellness Program (PWP) was designed as a safe harbor
for physicians to address normal life difficulties and physician burnout
in a confidential and professional environment.

GLMS Covers the Cost of Up to 4 Office Visits*

Completely Confidential

Expedient Service

No Insurance Billed

Counseling Services Provided by
Raskin & Associates
7400 New LaGrange Road
Suite 312
Louisville KY 40222

Call 502.394.9990

The American Medical Association has recently addressed the national dilemma of physician burnout.  Click here to read thoughts from AMA President and Lexington physician Dr. Steven Stack. Click here  to review national information collected by the AMA. Our GLMS President, Dr. Robert Couch, also discussed the topic in his August 2015 Louisville Medicine article, Taking Care.

If you have any questions about the new Physician Wellness Program, please contact Cheri McGuire at cheri.mcguire@glms.org or 502.736.6336. Your privacy will be respected and all inquiries will be held confidential.  

*GLMS covers the cost of up to 4 visits during your professional career as an active member.