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Dear GLOBE Community, 

Mark your calendars for this year's Virtual GLOBE Trot Fun Run! The 2020 GLOBE Trot goal is to raise $130,000 with 100% participation from GLOBE families. GLOBE Trot donations come with fun incentives for the students and they do count towards the school’s overall $300,000 unrestricted fundraising goal. Stay tuned for more information on how you can be a part of the virtual event.
What You Need to Know Now 

Reminder: UC Curriculum Night 

Upper Campus - September 10, 2020
In grades 4-5, each language track will have two identical 30-minute presentations for you to choose from. Middle School teachers will run a "mock school day" beginning at 7:00 PM and concluding at 8:45 PM, allowing parents to spend 15 minutes in each class. 
  • 4-5, 5:30 or 6 p.m.
  • MS, First period starts at 7 p.m.
The link to join the groups will be sent out the morning of, and it will be like the virtual orientation process where you can click on your child's teacher's link to join the presentation.

If you have any tech issues during UC Curriculum Night, please contact Judy Limor at jlimor@theglobeacademy.net.
GLOBE Distance Learning ... A few things to keep in mind

We ask that students remain present as much as possible during Distance Learning. Students will be counted present on synchronous days when they are logged on and engaged in classes. On asynchronous days, students will be counted present when they submit the required work by the deadline indicated.

Please treat online classes as you would face-to-face classes. If your student has a doctor's appointment, please provide a copy of the doctor's note to the teacher(s) AND the front office staff at the respective campus to excuse the absence. If your student is sick, an email from the parent will suffice. If a student is out 3 or more consecutive days, a doctor's note is required. We cannot accept notes after two weeks from the date of absence.

Please keep in mind that teachers will take attendance for each class session. If the student joins after attendance is taken, then that student might be marked as "Tardy-Unexcused." However, if there is avalid reason for the tardy, an email can be sent to the front office staff.

Absences and tardies due to "technological difficulties" are still absences and tardies. An email to the front office staff and ccing school administration explaining the trouble may "excuse" the absence or tardy, but will not remove it.

Responsive Classroom

AT GLOBE, we believe the first few weeks of school should be spent laying the foundation for a successful school year. During this time, teachers are focused on getting to know the students and building community. They are also explicitly teaching the routines and procedures so that the students are able to work with autonomy for the rest of the year. Spending the extra time now before introducing academics allows the students to practice and for it to become automatic in a non-threatening environment. The intentions of the first weeks are to create a climate and tone of warmth and safety, teach the schedules and routines and what the expectations are, and establish expectations about how we will learn together in the year ahead. (The First Six Weeks of School | Responsiveclassroom.org)

Tech Troubles?

If your student is having technical difficulties with connecting to Google Classroom, Google Meets, or other sources for academic learning, please contact Judy Limor, jlimor@theglobeacademy.net. Please be detailed in your communication so that she can help solve your issue as quickly as possible.
MAP Testing

MAP testing will be the weeks of August 31 through September 11, 2020

Lower Campus
MAP testing will take place as follows on your child's English day:
9/10 & 9/11 - 2nd and 3rd grade - Language | K and 1st - Reading

Upper Campus
MAP testing make-ups will take place this Wednesday and Friday, September 9 and 11. Students have been emailed calendar invitations to join the make-up session.

Testing will take place at the same time each day either 8:00 a.m. or 12 p.m. There will be no regular classes (synchronous or asynchronous) on these days; students will have project work to complete independently when not testing.

Parent Info Sessions on Map Testing
K-1st grades:

2nd-8th grades:
A Friendly Communications Reminder
The GLOBE Academy Facebook pages provide a fantastic platform for parents to get to know one another and share information. However, please be reminded that official information regarding school events will be posted by school staff. If you need information about school activities, calendar dates, etc. please use email as your primary method for reaching out to teachers and school administrators in order to make sure all information is accurate and up-to-date. If you're not following GLOBE's official Facebook, please find us here.
*Events for the next two weeks

Map Testing - Weeks of August 31, 2020 to September 11, 2020


UC Curriculum Night September 10 Virtually 
4-5th - 9/10 5:30
6-8th - 9/10 7:00

The GLOBE Academy Office Hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Lunch Bag Icon

What's on the Menu?
The DeKalb County School District has released details on where to pick up lunch for your children Monday, Wednesday and Friday courtesy of DCSD. Click the link below for more details.
Meal Pickups

School Nutrition Services during Distance Learning will be available through the DeKalb County School District. Find out the details about Meal Distributions here.