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Dear GLOBE Community, 

GLOBE Leadership has announced details about The GLOBE Academy's plan for the start of School Year 2020-21. A more in-depth overview of how our school's Full-time Distance/Remote Learning Model will run are forthcoming. We appreciate the feedback you have offered as well as your patience with us through our planning.

Read more about this week's announcement below.
GLOBE Re-opening Strategy
The GLOBE Academy will also open the school year using a Full-time Distance/Remote Learning Model. We will conduct a Virtual Orientation Day on  Monday, August 17, 2020,Wednesday, August 19, 2020 . and our first day of instruction will be 

Due to the later start, we may opt to extend the year to maintain our instructional days. Currently, the proposed last day of school will be an early release day on  June 3, 2021 . The delayed start to the school year may prompt other changes to our school calendar. We are in the process of revising the calendar and will present it at the next Board of Directors Meeting for approval.

We are planning for device deployment (i.e. school devices checked out from the school for students to take home for distance learning) the week of  August 10, 2020 , and the release of GLOBE's Distance Learning Handbook before that date. We will have Chromebooks for all 4-8th graders and on an as-needed basis for students in K-3rd grade. There is funding through The CARES Act for schools to help provide devices through the COVID-19 pandemic. Once this money has been released, we are hoping to provide one-to-one devices for students who need them in K-3rd grade.

DCSD will continually monitor the COVID-19 data and assess the level of spread to determine if the current learning model should be adjusted. Upcoming Assessment Dates (DCSD Board Meeting Dates) will be held on:  September 14, 2020 October 19, 2020 November 9, 2020 ; and  December 7, 2020 .

We will continue to update The GLOBE Community on a regular basis to make sure that we have a strong start to the school year. Please continue to read our Weekly Reminders and Facebook page for updates.

Due to the Coronavirus, The GLOBE Academy is closed and all events are canceled until further notice.

These are the important dates to remember for the next two weeks. You can also sync the GLOBE calendar to your own digital calendar. Subscribe to the GLOBE calendar .
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What's on the Menu?
Click the links below for locations to pick up lunch for your children Monday, Wednesday and Friday courtesy of DeKalb County School District.
Meal Pickups

School Nutrition Services have been suspended for summer and will reconvene when school is back in session.