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Dear GLOBE Community, 

The countdown to our first day of school for the 2020-21 School Year is in full swing and GLOBE Leadership and staff are working daily to finalize The GLOBE Academy's Distance/Remote Learning Model . Specific details of how our school's plan will run will be released in early August. We appreciate the feedback you have offered as well as your patience with us through our planning.

This week, GLOBE Executive Director Christi Elliott-Earby offers an overview of what to expect this fall. Read more below.
GLOBE Digital Learning Update
Digital Learning update:

We are excited and looking forward to seeing your children even though it will be virtual. Your administrators have been working hard to plan for the beginning of this coming year. In the spring we were in crisis mode and did a great job for creating digital learning on the turn of a dime. But if that is what we did for the fall, we would not make the mark. This Fall will look very different from the Spring. Teachers will be coming back next week so that we can continue to plan for your students to return.  

This Fall will be real school but digitally. We will continue to teach 50% of the time in English and 50% in the target language for grades K-5. Middle school will continue to have all their subjects and their language class. We are finalizing the parent digital learning handbook that will be sent to all parents in the later part of the week of August 3, 2020 . We have realized through experience of the spring and research that when it comes to digital learning that we must include small groups. There will be 4 days of live sessions. K-5 will look a little different by grade level but they will include a combination of live whole group lessons, recorded lessons, live small group instructions, live check-ins, and live interactive lessons. Every day your child will be connecting with their teachers.  

We will offer four parent sessions by the leadership team. We decided to offer a session for Kindergarten by themselves, 1st-3rd, 4th & 5th, and Middle School. We will send out a form for you to submit questions ahead of time so that we can answer all your questions and not run out of time. We will also send out the link for the sessions in the weekly reminders the week before the sessions.    

August 10th - 5:30-6:30 PM - Kindergarten Parents
August 10th - 7:00-8:00 PM - 4th and 5th grade Parents
August 11th - 5:30-6:30 PM - 1st-3rd grade Parents
August 11th - 7:00-8:00 PM - Middle School

Orientation will be virtual this year, August 17, 2020 . Look for the links for where you go that day to meet the teachers and receive class specifics for your grade and class. First day of school is August 19th. Take note that this will be the only Wednesday of live sessions. Going forward, Wednesdays will be independent work for all students.  

Remember, this is school… Your students will be expected to be in class and participating in check-ins throughout the day; Attendance will be taken. We would rather be in-person to teach and learn. With this said, how you react about this will greatly impact your students. If you speak positively about this, your children will most likely be positive about this situation. We appreciate your support.  

We will be presenting an updated calendar for board approval at Monday’s board meeting ( July 27, 2020 ). We are proposing for the last day of school to be May 22, 2021 . We are trying very hard not to have staff furlough days and keep student instructional days. 
We will attempt to implement something for those families in need of childcare while also being extremely safe for all involved. Extended Care Program (ECP) will be sending out information next week. We would like to gauge the interest for paid childcare (sliding scale offered) for K-5th grade. Starting out, there will be just one class per grade level with only 10-12 students per class. We will give preference to those parents who are essential workers and those families who qualify for free and reduced lunch. Remember, this is not instruction for your children; this will be a safe space for your children to get their digital work completed with supervision. Look for that information next week. 

We are unsure when we will be able to have school back in the building. However when we do, whether it is hybrid or all in, we want to be more than ready. We are looking for some parents who would like to be a part of GLOBE's reopening plan review team and specifically hoping to hear from for parents with expertise in this area of opening spaces during this pandemic. (To be considered for this review team, please fill out this FORM. )

We will continue to provide updates as they come, like specifics of device deployment the week of the August 10, 2020 . Again, we are excited to get this year going and see your children’s beautiful faces. 

Christi Elliott-Earby
Executive Director

Due to the Coronavirus, The GLOBE Academy is closed and all events are canceled until further notice.

These are the important dates to remember for the next two weeks. You can also sync the GLOBE calendar to your own digital calendar. Subscribe to the GLOBE calendar .
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School Nutrition Services have been suspended for summer and will reconvene when school is back in session.