GMAR Ethics Thursday
Welcome to Issue #8 of the GMAR's Ethics Thursday.
The GMAR created this newsletter, dedicated to a specific issue, because the REALTOR® Code of Ethics is the foundation on which our industry is built, and the basis of what it means to be a REALTOR®.
Your proactive support of the Code of Ethics will assure your fellow REALTORS® and the public that every member of the GMAR operates with the highest ethical standards.
Advertising on Social Media
Advertising properties on Facebook and other social media outlets is subject to the same rules and laws as other forms of advertising.

To comply with the Code of Ethics, advertisements must include:

  • Your firm’s name, in a reasonable and readily apparent manner. (Standard of practice 12-5). 
  • Your status as a real estate professional.
  • On websites, the state where you hold a real estate license in a reasonable and readily apparent manner. (Standard of practice 12-9). 
  • On websites, these disclosures may be made available via a link to a website that displays the required information. (SOP 12-5). 

Wisconsin law further requires the disclosure of the licensee’s name as displayed on their license and that all advertising occur under the supervision of the broker. 

When Changing Companies, Review Standard of Practice 16-20
REALTORS®, prior to or after their relationship with their current firm is terminated, shall not induce clients of their current firm to cancel exclusive contractual agreements between the client and that firm.

This does not preclude REALTORS® (principals) from establishing agreements with their associated licensees governing assignability of exclusive agreements.