GMAR Ethics Thursday
Welcome to Issue #6 of the GMAR's Ethics Thursday.
The GMAR created this newsletter, dedicated to a specific issue, because the REALTOR® Code of Ethics is the foundation on which our industry is built, and the basis of what it means to be a REALTOR®.
Your proactive support of the Code of Ethics will assure your fellow REALTORS® and the public that every member of the GMAR operates with the highest ethical standards.
Professional Courtesies - Respect for the Public

1.    Follow the "Golden Rule”: Do unto other as you would have them do unto you.

2.    Respond promptly to inquiries and requests for information.

3.    Schedule appointments and showings as far in advance as possible.

4.    Call if you are delayed or must cancel an appointment or showing.

5.    If a prospective buyer decides not to view an occupied home, promptly explain the situation to the listing broker or the occupant.

6.    Communicate with all parties in a timely fashion.

7.    When entering a property ensure that unexpected situations, such as pets, are handled appropriately.

8.    Leave your business card if not prohibited by local rules.

9.    Never criticize property in the presence of the occupant.

10. Inform occupants that you are leaving after showings.

11. When showing an occupied home, always ring the doorbell or knock—and announce yourself loudly before entering. Knock and announce yourself loudly before entering any closed room.

12. Present a professional appearance at all times; dress appropriately and drive a clean car.

13. If occupants are home during showings, ask their permission before using the telephone or bathroom.

14. Encourage the clients of other brokers to direct questions to their agent or representative.

15. Communicate clearly; don’t use jargon or slang that may not be readily understood.

16. Be aware of and respect cultural differences.

17. Show courtesy and respect to everyone.

18. Be aware of—and meet—all deadlines.

19. Promise only what you can deliver—and keep your promises.

20. Identify your REALTOR® and your professional status in contacts with the public.

21. Do not tell people what you think—tell them what you know.