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Especially in the real estate industry, it's reasonable in this day and age to assume that your daily business interactions may be caught on video.
Several months ago, I received a call from a home seller who was very upset. While showing the seller in-question's property, a cooperating agent made uncomplimentary remarks about the property. (It is unknown whether the cooperating agent was a buyer’s agent because the seller who placed the call to me ultimately decided not to file a complaint). Arguably, the situation would have been worse if the agent at the showing had been a subagent, albeit the actions are still not good practice for a buyer’s agent.

How did the seller hear the uncomplimentary comments made about her property? He/she had learned about the agent's behavior while reviewing footage from a camera system concealed within the property where the showing had occurred. 
Each licensee engaging in real estate practice has a duty to inspect the property and make appropriate disclosures. However, there is a difference between pointing out potential adverse, material facts and defects and expressing your subjective opinion about the seller’s selection in décor or furnishings.
For more information, please click on the link below to view an article from WRA which looks further into the issue of hidden cameras:

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