It looks like you may not have seen last week's GMAR Digest.  We wanted to make sure you had a chance to see the SentriLock Update, so we're re-sending it to you.

SentriLock - Electronic Lockboxes
This is really important stuff, so please read it.
How will billing for the new SentriLock system work?
At the last GMAR Board of Directors meeting, the decision to bill members for the electronic lockbox system on an annual basis was approved.  The GMAR will initially be charging for 15 months of service, not just 12.  The total on each REALTORĀ® member's dues bill in September will be $172.50 ($11.50 x 15 months).
The reason for the extra 3 months is we are starting the SentriLock system on October 1, 2018 (in order to give members several months of practice with it), and the GMAR's fiscal year is January 1 of each year.  With dues bills only coming out in September of each year, we must charge for a longer period of time than simply 12 months.  The fee is still $11.50/month, however.
We want to make you aware of this well in advance of the dues being sent out, so that you can plan your business expenses accordingly.
The $25 discount for dues paid by October 31 will still apply, and the entire dues payment will still be due by November 30th.
In September, SentriLock will be in town to conduct several training programs in Menomonee Falls and in Brookfield, and to hand out boxes.
In the meantime, here are a couple of videos to bring you up to speed on what this new system is .
NAR's Official Lockbox Solution: Sentrilock
NAR's Official Lockbox Solution: Sentrilock
More than Just a Lockbox: SentriLock
More than Just a Lockbox: SentriLock

Stay tuned for more on the SentriLock system in next week's newsletter

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