Dear GMAR Member,
The GMAR recently sent each community in the 4-county Metropolitan Milwaukee area a letter asking them to increase single-family and condo development.
We mentioned that the League of Municipalities has a Wisconsin-specific Development Toolkit that is free for all communities to use. But, we need your help!
Action Requested: Call or email your municipal leaders and explain that your community needs more single-family houses and condos for these reasons:
  1. For over a decade, our market has had a lack of new construction resulting in a shortage of single-family homes and condos.
  2. Retirees who want to downsize and younger people who grew up here and want to move back and raise a family, cannot find adequate housing.
  3. Apartments are part of the life-cycle of housing, but do not offer the wealth building opportunity that homeownership does.
Urge your elected officials to review the toolkit and see what changes can be made that would impact availability and affordability of housing in our community.
Finally, ask them to get back to you with what your community plans to do to address this community need.
Hand-written notes, phone calls and emails are the most well-received communications to elected officials. And feel free to personalize your message with your own examples of the need for more ownership development.
Want to address interest rates? Mention that despite increasing interest rates, REALTORS® could sell an additional 8,000 units this year, because there is high demand – and will be for several years.
How To Take Action: Click here to find your local government leaders.