COVID-19 Precautions - It's the Seller's Call
The GMAR has received several calls and complaints from sellers, explaining that the directives for showing their properties are not being followed.
If the seller requires visitors in their home to wear a mask or shoe coverings, then you must wear a mask or shoe coverings.
Cooperate agents need to remind their buyers that it is the seller’s right to make reasonable showing requirements. If the buyer refuses, you cannot let them see the property. Nanny cams are also watching!
Listing agents, make sure that the seller's rules are clearly posted along with your showing instructions.

Tom Larson, Cori Lamont and Joe Murray gaze into their political crystal ball and discuss how the outcome of the November 3 elections will influence legislation in Madison and Washington, D.C., over the next two years. What will the WRA and NAR legislative agenda include if we have divided government vs. single-party control? Listen in for 13 minutes and get the inside scoop on how the likely election outcomes will influence the REALTOR® agenda in 2021-22.
Real Estate as a Hedge Against Currency Devaluation
Financial turmoil in the market can be disquieting and excruciatingly painful. The global pandemic has led to the biggest economic crisis since the Great Recession, with the unemployment rate still as high as 8% in September. Plus, the Federal Reserve has increased the printing of money since the crisis began, raising serious concerns about the U.S. dollar and how we can protect ourselves if its value continues to drop.

The good news? Real estate can be a hedge against currency devaluation.

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