As communities face economic upheaval from COVID-19, our new Municipal DataTool offers data to bolster Wisconsinites’ understanding of city and village finances throughout the state. The DataTool includes state data on all 600 municipalities in Wisconsin and includes, for the first time, figures on municipal fund balances, offering a look at potential financial reserves for these governments at this critical time. The latest six years of data are provided, enabling users to see spending and taxing trends over time. For each subject, users may choose data from as many as 10 municipalities to compare, as well as compare across all municipalities in a county. 

Selling Safely: Because It Can Happen to You
REALTORS® face job-related risks every day. Being aware of potential dangers and taking precautions will help you avoid risky situations that can happen to any agent—including you!

Septermber 23, 2020
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Instructor: Jen Stanbrough
REAL Trends - September 2020 Newsletter
COVID-19, working from-home mandates and civil unrest have created a perfect storm for our nation's major urban areas.

-Steve Murray, REAL Trends President

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