As a member of an MLS that data shares, you can now opt to see search results from your MLS displayed first when searching in Quick Launch (similar to your current Quick Search experience). 

This new preference has been launched as OFF by default. If you navigate to your General Preferences Page and see the feature is ON, your MLS has elected to turn this feature on for all members. Simply check or uncheck the box to match your preference.

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Realtors are key voices to ensure Fair Housing is fair

The Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination against homebuyers, with the goal of making purchasing a home, and the opportunities that come with it, more accessible to all people. Primarily, this act was created to put an end to segregation in...

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Elevating diversity, inclusion in the real estate...

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) are not just buzzwords. It is our role as real estate professionals to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion into everything that we do. For our industry, it's particularly important as it relates to...

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Technology can help support brokerage offerings, but real estate professionals should choose wisely before investing in tech solutions. The wrong move can not only have negative repercussions on your business' productivity and efficiency, but it can also result in months-long losses—both in time and profitability.
Tune in to RISMedia's next webinar, sponsored by BoomTown and moderated by Verl Workman of Workman Success Systems, to learn how the correct tech solutions for your business will help you save in the long run by streamlining your processes and introducing necessary automations.

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