REALTOR® Safety Discussion: Prospect Or Predator?
Don’t miss the first in a series of REALTOR® Safety discussions to hear stories from a panel of fellow REALTORS®, and learn how to identify predatory behavior from safety presenters, including Carl Carter, Jr. and Dave Legaz. Together, we will improve the safety culture and reduce the number of safety incidents that happen in the industry. Stay safe, and join the safety conversation.

April 28, 2021 - 1:00PM - 2:00PM
The Dispiriting Housing Boom
No one seems to be happy about the current housing frenzy

It's a discouraging scene: Bidding wars, soaring prices, and fears that homeownership is becoming out of reach for millions of Americans. We're in a housing frenzy, driven by a massive shortage of inventory - and no one seems to be happy about...

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What You Need to Know About Lead: A Resource Guide for Milwaukee Residents
Testing for lead in your home and mitigating exposure

Here's what you need to know about potential sources of lead in your home, lead testing, abatement and other services related to this public health crisis...

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