Ongoing Concern Over Buyer 'Love Letters'
An ongoing topic of concern among members has been buyer love letters and the possibility of violating Fair Housing Laws. The primary discussion regarding buyer letters is the risk they will contain information that will lead to the seller deciding among comparable offers based upon the buyer’s personal characteristics relative to the fair housing protected classes. The letters might provide information to a seller enabling them to choose an offer based, for example, upon the race, family status, sexual orientation or religion of the buyers.

Here are some resources the WRA has on the topic in their legal publications.

NAR's Fair Housing Challenge
April is Fair Housing Month where we really focus in on the fight to expand equal access to homeownership and private property in America. The NAR has been working on redesigning tools to help members combat bias and discrimination. We invite you to take on the "Fair Housing Challenge" and expand your knowledge on the topic. The challenge consists of three parts.

  1. Complete the interactive Fair Housing simulator - Fairhaven
  2. Engage in NAR's Implicit Bias training video
  3. Complete the "At Home With Diversity" certification

This month is an opportunity to remember REALTORS®’ critical role in the fight for fair housing and all the work that remains ahead of us.
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