Badger Talks Video: How to Communicate Better While Wearing a Mask
One thing about our new reality: We all have to get used to talking in masks. It’s not always easy to be heard or get your message across.

In this Badger Talks video, we talk to Maryellen MacDonald, a professor of psychology and an expert in how we produce and comprehend language. She’ll explain why it’s so tough to talk to each other in masks, and will offer tips in how to adapt so people understand, such as using hand gestures and nodding.
13 Ways to Step Up Your Defense Against Hackers
Hackers could be using the global pandemic as an opportunity to target real estate as more transactions and communications are conducted remotely. What’s more, phishing emails may try to use COVID-19 as an excuse for why professionals need to renew login credential or passwords, or hackers may prey on any relaxed online security of the increased numbers of those working from home.

Applying RPR Learning to Today's Revamped Market
Back in March, RPR began to offer even more blog articles, videos, webinars, tips and how-to’s than ever before. The idea was that although REALTORS® couldn’t be in the field and working, they could at least be at home working on their business.

And it worked! We know that plenty of agents took advantage of the time to learn new skills, explore helpful features and up their RPR game. Here’s one story of a REALTOR® who did exactly that, and how it’s now paying off…
These 5 Marketing Campaigns Are Tailored For Today's Market
With the last quarter approaching, agents should strive to finish 2020 strong and step into the next year on the right foot. In other words, now's a great time to implement these marketing campaigns and generate new income streams for your business.
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