Last weekend, a female agent was showing a vacant listing on the south side of Milwaukee. When the agent and her buyer were exiting the property they noticed two men hanging around the property. They asked to see the home and she declined, stating she had to go. The men persisted about wanted to get into the house. It became apparent to the agent that the men were associated with another man in a separate vehicle parked a few houses down from this property. She again declined and left with her buyer. The agent reported that the men were so pushy and she felt they wanted to get her and her buyer into the house. She was concerned enough that she contacted the listing office, and the police. The police stated that they would have a car do a drive-by looking for the vehicles driven by the men involved. The two men were described as driving a maroon Blazer and the other car was a four door black sedan. 
From John Gscheidmeier, Chairman of the GMAR Safety Committee and Retired Police Officer and Trainer,
This Realtor should be commended for her keen observations and proactively notifying the police and the brokerage firm. Calling the police while on the scene is the most important, if practical and safe to do so when situations such as this present themselves. Being a good witness to be able to provide a detailed description of any suspicious people and/or vehicles to the police as well as any vehicle license plates is always helpful. Realtors should always be aware of their surroundings, people in the area, and trust their gut instincts.
It is also important that we all be reminded, especially when showing homes by ourselves, that safety is always something to think about in advance. Realtors should share their showing or appointment calendars with a “buddy” within their brokerage and always have someone aware of where they are going at all times. Never try to enter a vacant home by oneself if possible; wait for clients to arrive if appropriate to ensure a “strength in numbers” if needed. Scan the exterior of the home by walking towards the rear of the property before entering if possible to look for signs of forced entry to windows and doors. Park in a space that allows for a quick exit and never park in a driveway essentially blocking yourself in. There are several safety-related apps & phone features that allow agents to utilize technology to assist them in remaining safe when doing our jobs.”
Here is a link to Safety Tips on the GMAR website: