This exclusive Realtor-only event is designed to help you crush 2019! While our name is new in town, the people behind it are not. We've gone through a transformation around our "Why" and we cannot wait to share that with you. 
In this live class taught by Michael Creed, Branch Manager of the new LeaderOne Financial office in Brookfield, we'll discuss two issues you face as a Real Estate Professional and how to tackle them at a level your competition will not do. We'll start with a big picture overview and end with an actionable, completely-custom plan for you and your business.
You'll love this one! Remember, some will, most won't. We want to be the some!
Lunch will be served at 11:45 with the presentation starting promptly at 12 Noon with a Q & A to follow. You'll be out and on with your day by 1:30 PM at the latest; likely sooner!
Location: GMAR – 12300 W Center St, Milwaukee, WI 53222
Date: Wednesday, November 14 th
Time: 11:45 AM Lunch, class starts promptly at noon
For all details and to register (required) : Click Here