GMAR Weekly Email Digest: 12/03/2018
It seems like just yesterday I was writing my first Chairwoman’s message and today I find myself writing my last.
The year was packed with many firsts for our Board that I am confident will help us excel in our business practices, better promote our industry in a positive ethical way and continue to find ways to give back to our community. Here are some of the highlights.
  • Held our first “Women Strong” Conference
  • Created a Veterans Support Group Chaired by Dave Delahunt
  • Created the Equal Opportunity Committee Chaired by Tammy Maddente
  • Started “Ethics Thursdays” Newsletter
  • Implemented stiffer penalties for offenders of lock box misusage and other unethical practices
  • Combined the Secretary and Treasurer’s position on the Executive Committee
  • Implemented the use of electronic lock boxes
  • At the State level we had 68 REALTOR victories at the Capitol
  • And my personal favorite and most memorable event of the year:  We held a press conference on the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act honoring the NAACP Youth Council, Father James Groppi, Alderman Vel Phillips and all the brave people involved in the Marches in Milwaukee over the 16th Street viaduct. 
It was an honor and a pleasure serving as your 2018 Chairwoman. 365 days. 
Don’t they go by with a blink.

Vickie Kelsall
2018 GMAR Chairwoman
GMAR is planning on scheduling The Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification Course on January 30 th GMAR Office 
When military staff and their families relocate, the services of a real estate professional who understands their needs and timetables makes the transfer easier, faster, and less stressful. This certification focuses on educating real estate professionals about working with current and former military service members to find the housing solutions that best suit their needs and take full advantage of military benefits and support.

The Military Relocation Professional Certification course counts towards earning NAR's Military Relocation Professional Certification as well as one REBAC-elective course toward the ABR® designation.

Benefits for Agents
NAR’s Military Relocation Professional (MRP) certification educates REALTORS®  about working with U.S. service members and their families and veterans to find the housing solutions that best suit their needs and to take full advantage of available benefits and support.

After completing the MRP certification, MRP members will:
·       Understand the processes and procedures involved in a military relocation and how these impact service members’ relocation and housing choices
·       Use demographics of the military market to formulate business strategies and determine service offerings for sellers and buyers
·       Provide information to help members through a rent or buy, sell or rent decision-making process
·       Enhance sensitivity to the emotional issues involved when a military family relocates
·       Identify and provide services that help service members sell or find and purchase suitable homes
·       Apply knowledge of the military relocation process to guide service members through the real estate transaction
·       Explain the basics of VA financing
·       Recognize situations in which a buyer is eligible for VA financing
Cost of registration and reservation details will follow.

Contact Scott Bush should you have any questions.
We still receive calls asking where the store is. The GMAR Realtor store is closed and Minuteman Press in Brookfield is now selling Real Estate Supplies! Visit them at 13680 W. Capitol Drive, M-F 8am-5pm. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them at 262-781-9622.
If you need additional lockboxes, you can come to the GMAR office: 12300 W. Center St., Wauwatosa, M-F 8:30am-5:00pm. We will need to verify that you have an active listing so please either bring your signed listing contract or make sure it is showing in the MLS. Lockboxes are only provided for active listings that we can verify (we will not be giving lockboxes for vacant land, rental or commercial properties).

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions on electronic lockboxes.

FREE mingle event with appetizers and cash-bar. Join us and bring your holiday wish for Santa.  We will also be collecting mittens, hats and scarves for "The Schuster Mansion" community tree.