Great Mountain Forest September 2020
In this issue: Carbon credits are another way that a working forest works
Great Mountain Forest Stewards the Future
Selling carbon credits furthers GMF’s work in stewarding the trees and allows it to contribute to comprehensive efforts to reduce GHGs.

As in nature, diversity creates strength. Diversifying our forest products contributes to the longevity of GMF as a critical natural resource that engages in cutting-edge environmental research and informative and stimulating educational programming. It also serves as a site for visitors to intimately and respectfully engage with GMF's diverse forest ecosystem.

The carbon offset credit program is one piece of our working forest's strategy that encompasses income from our more traditional forest products of timber and maple syrup, grants, and the ever-important donations from a supportive public--YOU
Working with reputable environmental partner Bluesource, the GMF board and staff have ensured the forest meets all criteria to participate in a carbon credit program and ensure active sustainable maintenance of the forest.

GMF's collaboration with the State of California (a state has compliance carbon caps for businesses and industries) and The Climate Trust is estimated to generate 360,000 carbon offset credits over the next decade.  
Stewarding GMF into the future requires protecting and sustainably managing our forest into the future. It also answers a larger call to use our natural capital to reduce the planet’s carbon footprint.  
Are You Big Foot?
Calculate your own carbon footprint! Visit Nature Conservancy Carbon Footprint Calculator

According to the Nature Conservancy, the average carbon footprint for the U.S. per person is 16 tons. Globally, the average is closer to four tons.
Do you know your carbon footprint?
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GMF is critical to the environmental and economic sustainability of the region as well as an important contributor to research and education about climate change and environmental health. Help us support the forest as a vital natural resource.