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October 2015
Thank you for your interest in the General Mitchell  International Airport (GMIA) Airfield Update. This newsletter is intended to keep  you up-­to-­date on airfield construction projects, regular maintenance, and  special events that could impact the standard flow of arriving or  departing air traffic.
  • Airfield maintenance and construction projects are wrapping up for the year, although there may be some intermittent daily runway closures through the end of October, particularly on runway 13/31. These closures could result in a short-term noise decrease or increase in surrounding neighborhoods.
  • No long-term runway closures are anticipated until the spring of 2016.
  • Mitchell Airport recently re-installed two airfield signs reminding pilots to follow the airport's noise abatement procedures when departing southbound from Runway 19R. The signs had been temporarily out of service during this summer's airfield rehabilitation.
  • The Ground Run-­up Enclosure (GRE), closed since August for concrete panel replacement, is expected to reopen in November. The GRE is an 80,000 square-­foot structure with sound-absorbing panels that help reduce noise during aircraft engine run-ups and testing. Click here if you're interested in learning more about the GRE.
  • A new vehicular bridge over Howell Avenue opened earlier this month. This closed-access bridge allows GMIA maintenance, support and emergency vehicles to access southern sections of the airfield without having to cross any runways or taxiways.
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GMIA Runway Layout

Runway 7R/25L

Runway 1L/19R

Runway 1R/19L

Runway 13/31
Short-term closures through October.

Runway 7L/25R
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