Welcome to the November issue of the “GOAL GUIDE”, this month we wanted to take some time to THANK YOU, our community, that enables us to do so much. Below is a letter from our Executive Director and CEO, Jenny Scothern. We also invite you to learn about Giving Tuesday, our fundraising drive for our 2019 Youth Initiatives.
November - THANK YOU!
Thankful For YOU!

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! Especially if it leads to enormous amounts of light, fluffy, champagne powder in our beautiful Northern Utah mountains. I love fall, because it is my “New Year”, personally, and professionally, it’s a time to review and reflect on what our community-based non-profit accomplished for the year. It is also when the GOAL Board of Directors and committee members gather and work on the strategic plan for the upcoming year.

At the Goal Foundation, we always set goals in the fall to ensure we end the year strong. We like to review what goals we have made for the year and celebrate what was accomplished and adjust what still needs to be focused on! We like making plans for the upcoming year and working towards a GOAL.

2018 brought some amazing things that I am thankful for!
First, I am always in awe of this community!
Thousands of volunteers join the GOAL staff, Board of Directors, and Events Team to host Utah’s Largest One Day Running Event, the Ogden Marathon! I am humbled every year at the support GOAL volunteers provide to the 7,000 athletes from 50 states and 10 countries who run the Zions Bank Ogden Marathon! Our organization is so lucky to have “Olympic Level” volunteers.
Second, our new Youth initiatives
We were able to expand our GOAL Summer Camp options.
  • Climbing Camp
  • Continued to partner with The Front Climbing Gym
  • Hiking Camp
  • Formed a new partnership with Arcadia Guided Outdoor Education
  • Our campers spent each day exploring new local trails. Totaling 20 miles.
  • Mountain Bike Camp
  • We were able to extend our mountain bike camp offerings thanks to our new board members Mark Neff, and community powerhouse, Pete Buttschardt.
  • Thank you also to the Ogden HS and Freemont Mountain Bike Teams.
Third, our fundraising efforts
In the 2017-2018 School Year our fundraising efforts provided the following:
  • 36 local children were provided scholarships, so they could “Get Out And Live” at our summer camps.
  • 223 pairs of shoes were provided to elementary school aged children.
  • 12 schools participated in our Young Runner's program.
And, this is just a glimpse at all the things GOAL Foundation accomplished because of YOU! You, our volunteers, our athletes, our sponsors, our event team members, our board of directors, and our awesome and gritty Ogden community.

So, as I reflect on this year, during my “New Year”, I am thankful to all of you for helping us “make great things happen for other people.” And, I invite you to join us as we reflect, celebrate, and participate in Giving Tuesday (see details below) so we can continue to accomplish our goals for our Youth Initiatives, and give even more children in our community an opportunity to see how empowering it is to
“Get Out And Live!”
With sincere gratitude,
Jenny Scothern
Executive Director/CEO, GOAL Foundation 

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Join us November 26th for GIVING TUESDAY
Our goal is to Raise $10,000
We invite you to join us for a breakfast at the GOAL Office on Giving Tuesday, November 26th from 7:30 to 9:30 am.

If you are unable to attend there is an option to donate below.

Shoes: $25 per pair
Camps: $80 per camper