FEBRUARY 2019 | VOL. 93
GOED Undergoes Transition, Welcomes New Staff
The GOED has undergone some changes in 2019. The Ag Development staff has transitioned to GOED, and we look forward to providing clients and partners with more service and support than ever before. Perhaps we can sum up the transition best straight from Gov. Noem. In one of her recent columns , she said:

This year, we are focusing on growth in the ag economy by transferring Ag Development Representatives from the Department of Agriculture to my office of economic development. This makes sense, because ag development is economic development.

For years, these two departments have largely performed the same functions when it comes to ag development. This move will consolidate resources and brainpower, supply more tools for development, eliminate red tape, and create a better approach to developing our largest industry. I believe it will create a lasting infrastructure for the next generation.

We also hired two more business development reps who will serve the central and north-central and northeast part of South Dakota.

A new year also came with a new look. One of Gov. Kristi Noem’s first tasks was the re-do the GOED’s website, . We’re pleased to say that yesterday, we rolled out the newly designed and interactive website. We think you’ll enjoy its new features, like the interactive finance tool and an easily searchable properties database. Please take some time to visit the site and interact with it. We’re pretty proud of it and we hope you enjoy it, too.
Registration Will Open Soon for GOED's Annual Conference
It’s hard to believe it’s almost that time of year again, but the GOED annual conference is right around the corner and registration will be open soon! The conference will be a one-and-a-half-day event, beginning April 10 at 2 p.m. and wrapping up the evening of April 11 with the banquet and awards ceremony. To register and for more information, go to .

Commissioner Steve Westra will kick-off Thursday morning with opening remarks, giving attendees an overview of what’s going to be happening in 2019 and in the years to come. Steve, along with Gov. Noem, share a passion for re-energizing economic development in South Dakota. This is a start to the day you won’t want to miss!

Our keynote speaker is Steve Gilliland, one of the nation’s most awarded and top-rated speakers. Gilliland puts into perspective how our daily life intersects with people of diverse backgrounds, opinions and personalities. In this eye-opening session, he teaches how to avoid being robbed of the opportunity to perform at peak performance and provide the best customer service possible.
New Feature: News From Across the State
For 2019, the GOED is launching a new feature in its "Partners in Progress" e-newsletter. Each edition will have a section titled "News from Across the State," highlighting programs, initiatives and tidbits that local economic developers are implementing and executing in their own communities.

Please use this section as a resource, for inspiration, and as a rough guideline for projects and initiatives in your own community.

If you have news to submit, please use the button below.
News From Across the State
Vision Piedmont is Official 
It’s not every day you hear about a community establishing a new economic development organization—revitalization of an existing one, sure, but the creation of a new organization is pretty exciting! Lane Shull, president of Vision Piedmont, says it’s been about two and a half years in the making, and while the road ahead is still unpaved, she’s optimistic of the organization’s input and impact on the Piedmont community.

Following numerous discussions, Shull and a small group of business owners and community members hosted ‘pop-up towns,’ where the community could come to a one-stop-shop for lunch, shopping and family photos. Seeing how successful the pop-up town was, Shull knew they were on to something.

Since December 2018, Shull says she and her board of five members, continue to create momentum and vision for Vision Piedmont. “Collectively as a group and a community, we’d love to see our Main Street revitalized and rejuvenated,” Shull said. “We want to show our city council that although we’re still a ‘bedroom community,’ we are capable of establishing amenities like a coffee shop or hosting activities and events for our community.”

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BASEC is Anything But ‘Basic’
As Gov. Noem said, “Hometowns are the heartbeat of South Dakota.” And for one rural region, that heartbeat grows stronger and stronger by the year. Beadle and Spink Enterprise Community (BASEC) has served seven rural communities since 1994. It’s established a successful revolving loan fund, deploying almost $4 million to various housing loan programs and $2 million in business financing.

Executive Director Margot Gillette began working for BASEC six years ago. She says love and commitment to their hometowns is what motivates community members to invest in their futures. From a restaurant, to a ball field, and a daycare, the community’s ability to be forward-thinking has made these quality-of-life accomplishments a reality.

Gillette, along with community leaders, business owners and spokespeople, produced a great video showcasing the many accomplishments and success stories the organization is proud of. Click here to watch the full video and be inspired to breathe new life into your community! 
Tripp Unites to Keep Grocery Store
In early 2018, a few rural South Dakota communities were told their grocery stores were going to close, one of which was in Tripp. Instead of accepting the reality that loomed, the Tripp Development Corporation (TDC), city leaders and the community rallied together to fill the void.

With little interest from buyers, the community had to think creatively. TDC purchased the store and began operating it as a co-op. Eventually, Jeff and Natalie Briggs, owners of rural grocery stores in Plankinton, Stickney and White Lake, offered to buy the business. As the new owners prepared to get the store open for business, members of the TDC and community pitched in to help clean up the newly purchased store. The store opened in May 2018 and has seen success.
Mark Your Calendars
April 10-11, 2019  - Governor's Economic Development Conference
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