Dear GOG Foundation Participating Investigators and Staff:

The GOG Foundation and the GOG Partners leadership is actively monitoring the spread of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, on an ongoing basis, and working closely with our industry partners during the pandemic. We consider communication with the investigators and staff at our sites as one of our strengths, and this contact will continue during the current health crisis.

It is our standard practice to maintain close contact with our sites, and for our sites to maintain contact with the GOG operations staff and the GOG Partners leadership. We will continue to monitor the situation and make frequent contact with you. Please let us know if you encounter any limitations that will affect the progress of a GOG Partners study. We will work with you to address the obstacles, and develop procedures to eliminate or diminish the problem. 
We have been following the guidance provided by the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and will continue to review current recommendations during the evolving pandemic.  We encourage your compliance with your local procedures and the CDC recommendations in the guidance document located at .

Along with our continued support of our GOG Partners participating sites, we recognize the commitment of those individuals and entities working with us on our clinical trials. To safeguard the well being of The GOG Foundation staff, we closed the physical offices from March 11, 2020 through March 31, 2020 with ongoing surveillance of COVID-19, and in compliance with local containment efforts. The GOG Partners staff has the capability to work remotely, and they remain readily available to assist with problems confronted at the sites. 
Study Drug
In collaboration with our industry sponsors, we will notify you if we anticipate or encounter drug shortages or shipping delays due to the pandemic.
We are aware of the travel restrictions in place at many of our participating sites, and many of us are affected by those restrictions. We will work with our industry teams to comply with restrictions at the sites, and the potential to continue visits to the sites on a remote basis.
On behalf of the entire GOG Partners team, thank you for efforts and hard work on our mutual clinical trials, and for supporting the safety of our patients. We appreciate your efforts to conduct clinical research during this crisis, and appreciate your commitment to our patients, and to GOG Partners.  We wish you continued good health!


Larry J. Copeland, M.D.
The GOG Foundation, Inc.