Dear Friends and Partners,

Glory to God, our new Gold and Glory Business Fellowship is now up and running!

We have added a new section to our website for the new business fellowship ministry; a new outreach of GHM that we are very excited about!

We know this is the time for us to launch this new fellowship since the time has come for new financial breakthroughs for God's people including the great wealth transfer to the church to finance the end-time harvest for Jesus' return. HALLELUJAH!

To access the new edition to our ministry, go to our website at 
Scroll down to the new gold colored "GOLD & GLORY BUSINESS FELLOWSHIP" banner. Click on the banner to open the new page of the business fellowship.
The first of eight new videos are posted on the site already.
Over the next seven weeks we will post the other seven videos, one per week, so check weekly to view the next video!
Join the fellowship! We are expecting great financial breakthroughs and miracles from God.

God bless,
Dr. Gabriel & Shellie Heymans
PO Box 143
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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