Dear Partners and Friends,
Today is a crucial day for all the body of Christ, and it is also a momentous day! 
I have in my possession the tool I believe God will use to escort us into the new revival of fire. It is the new gold and glory book!
In 35 years of ministry I have never received anything close to the power and revelations of God given to me for this book.  This is the forerunning tool, the bridge that will take us to the new revival.  This is the most important thing I have done in all my years of ministry.  Here, the Lord has given me the revival plan on both sides, the finances and the outpouring, the gold and the glory!
I have obeyed God and put everything in this book that the Lord has given me. I have carefully followed all the Lord's instructions.  Now we have boldness to believe God and appeal to everyone of you precious people to have a part in this amazing blessing as we will soon submit the book to Christian publishing companies for publication in the next few weeks.
As we entered the new year a few days ago, the crucial period of taking this book to the church began.  It's been 6 months of writing and pouring myself into this book.  Both Shellie and I have also poured ourselves into prayer, specifically praying for the finances we need to keep the ministry running, as we were not traveling and preaching our usual country tour except for a few local meetings during these last several months.
We are asking the Lord to speak to everyone who has been touched by this ministry in the past.  We truly appeal to you from our hearts to respond and help us, it is truly critical at this time. Would you please pause for a moment and ask the Lord what He would challenge you to sow for this book project today. We are believing the Lord for complete financial provision so we can speed ahead IMMEDIATELY with it's publication!
Let's pray together. Heavenly Father in the Name of Jesus we thank you for your people who have a passion for your Spirit. We pray that you would arrest everyone's attention reading this email today and that you would speak to everyone at this time and commission your people for what you would have them give to this ministry in order to release this book to your people. Holy Spirit we trust you to touch people's hearts today and urge them to become part of this very important ministry tool for the coming revival of fire.  In Jesus Name, we thank you Lord for meeting this great need TODAY! HALLELUJAH!
God bless,
Dr. Gabriel & Shellie Heymans
PO Box 143
Isle of Palms, SC 29451

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