FALL 2020
Kathy's Story
Hear Kathy's story in her own words www.bit.ly/goochlandcaresyoutube
Kathy's brother, Robert, passed away two years ago. She went to Pennsylvania to check on him in September 2018 and found he had died in his bed. "There was a hole in the roof. Mold had started to grow inside the house."

Robert's difficulties began during the economic downturn of 2008. The stress led him to develop some health problems, including respiratory issues. As his housing situation deteriorated, so did his medical situation.
"I was appalled that he was living in those conditions. I made a decision then that I was going to put a roof on somebody's house, in memory of Robert."
GoochlandCares continues to serve neighbors in need.
Goochland Rotary delivers donated cleaning supplies and paper products.
Dear Friends,
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, GoochlandCares has actively provided relief for those in need in our community. It truly does take a village. I am grateful for your support as we have implemented changes in program delivery to meet the demands of our community while keeping our staff safe.
Beginning in March, GoochlandCares worked closely with County leaders, as part of the Goochland Community Emergency Response Task Force, to identify evolving needs of those we serve.
Following the new COVID-19 guidelines that emerged this summer, GoochlandCares implemented a carefully developed plan for reopening services. As we continue to adjust to the changes 2020 brings, I am reminded of how important GoochlandCares is to our community. In addition to providing a lifeline for our most vulnerable neighbors, GoochlandCares offers us an opportunity to create real change - by impacting one life at-a-time.
I cannot overstate how much your support is appreciated. Thank you for remembering our clients with neighborhood food drives (we have contactless curbside drop-off!), virtual and on-site volunteering, kind gestures in support of our staff, and, of course, the many tax-deductible donations you have sent in response to the crisis.
Amid the uncertainty COVID-19 has created, our staff has been renewed by the strength and compassion that defines our community. Your generosity brings hope to many. Your kindness fuels our work and sustains neighbors in need. Thank you.
With gratitude,
Sally K. Graham
Executive Director                                                                                                       
Social distancing in the Food Pantry and Clothes Closet.
Millie Heltzer
"Within three minutes I knew this was the right spot."
Millie Heltzer had actually never been to Goochland prior to coming to GoochlandCares. After thirty-eight years as a hospice volunteer, Millie thought it was time to add a new dimension to her volunteering journey.

Hearing about GoochlandCares brand new facility prompted her to take a tour and meet staff and other volunteers. Right away, she knew it was a match. Since 2018, Millie has been volunteering at the Front Desk, offering a warm welcome and friendly smile to all who enter.

GoochlandCares is just the most recent volunteer experience for Millie. At 14, she began volunteering at the Veteran's Administration Hospital, then at 4 other hospitals, including St. Mary's. The health care theme is strong in Millie. She earned a B. A. in Philosophy and Religion, and then a two-year degree in Medical Assistance.                
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A legacy of caring.
"I have made a provision in my will for GoochlandCares. It was an easy way to honor my Mother's legacy and be part of all the good that GoochlandCares does for years to come. I hope you will join me in helping every family visiting our Clothes Closet to find warmth, every patient at our Clinic to find care, and every neighbor using our Food Pantry to find hope."

"Together we can secure the future of this organization." 

                            --Mary Ross Fisher,
                           daughter of Mary Ross Reed

To learn more about Planned Giving, contact Adair Frayser, 804-556-0301, or afrayser@goochlandcares.org.
Shop your favorite vendors virtually.

Monday, November 30
Sunday, December 6

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Vendors contribute 15% of sales to GoochlandCares. Thank you for your support!
You deliver help and hope. Thank you.
Neighborhood drive for Food Pantry.


Interested in volunteering? Our most immediate need is for volunteers to sort and stock donations in the Clothes Closet and Food Pantry. We are also looking for registered dental hygienists in our Dental Clinic. Join us to work with a friendly team of volunteers and staff while helping our clients. If you have 2-3 hours a week, every other week, or once a month to volunteer, please contact:

Diane Reale, Director of Volunteer Resources,804-556-0712

Your in-kind donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Men's work boots
NEW Socks - all types and sizes
NEW underwear - all sizes
NEW washcloths and towels
Winter hats, gloves, scarves
Pots, pans, and kitchen utensils
Laundry detergent and dish soap
Feminine hygiene products
Deodorant and shaving cream
Toilet paper and bar soap
Toothpaste and shampoo
Unopened, over-the-counter medications such as:
Ibuprofen (i.e. Advil, Motrin)
Allergy and cold medications
Antacids (i.e. Tums, Rolaids)
Eye drops - allergy
Anti-itch cream (i.e. cortisone cream)

We also accept unopened, unexpired
prescription medications.
Comforters for twin size beds
Shampoo and bar soap
Kitchen and bathroom cleaning items
The mission of GoochlandCares is to provide
 basic human services and health care
to our Goochland neighbors in need.

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