Beth Fukumoto has been FIRED.  And she's quitting the Hawaii GOP to be a Democrat.

Aloha Republicans:
As HIRA has been repeatedly warning Republicans for years, Beth Fukumoto is a Democrat in disguise.  Her statements, actions, voting record, and background scream out "I'm a Democrat".
And today, her thin disguise melted away completely thanks to HIRA's aggressive and now successful campaign to FIRE her as Minority Leader.
The breaking news headline at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser tells the story:  "Hawaii Rep. Beth Fukumoto leaving the Republican Party".
Gosh, it was only two weeks ago today that Fukumoto's leadership role as GOP Minority Leader was approved by her colleagues, such as Miriam Hellreich disciple and supporter Bob McDermott telling us that, "Beth is the best choice to represent our diverse group and move us forward on constructive policy initiatives for our state."  But it's all over now except for the balloons and the speeches.

Earlier in the day, Fukumoto confirmed to Civil Beat that she 'may' switch parties (meaning 'will' switch parties).  Fukumoto says she has not yet made an official decision.  TranslationWe're basically just waiting for Joe Souki and the Democrat Party to organize a press conference and purchase the 'welcome to our party' flower leis.

Fukumoto also admitted to Civil Beat that she sent a letter to her constituents TODAY revealing that she plans to jump ship and become a Democrat.  That's called 'setting the stage'.  She hopes the people of Mililani will still like her as a Democrat after explicitly promising not to become one.
There are too many reasons to list why HIRA led the decisively won battle to FIRE Beth Fukumoto as GOP leader, which has also caused her to join Team Democrat.  With Fukumoto's (formerly Fukumoto-Chang) horrible voting record -- higher taxes, wasteful spending, driver's licenses for illegal aliens, and so much more -- a closet Democrat like Fukumoto had ZERO business leading the Republican battle against the Democrat supermajority and its growing wake of destruction in Hawaii.  Unacceptable!!
Beth Fukumoto was just another wannabe celebrity politician trying to be a big fish in our small Republican pond.  Once she officially jumps ship, she'll be just another obscure Democrat legislator struggling to be noticed.  For too many years, the GOP agenda has been stalled by poor party leadership combined with wimpiness from the last few Republican leaders at the State HouseThis RINO era of squeamish pussyfooting must come to an end.
Speaking of which, HIRA led the way in repeatedly warning Republicans about Fukumoto's mentor and her predecessor as GOP Minority Leader at the Hawaii State House of Representatives, Aaron "Ling" Johanson.  You surely remember how that Joe Souki puppet "Ling" switched parties two years ago in the exact same way that Fukumoto has planned:  PLAYING THE VICTIM CARD.
A favorite maneuver of liberals, 'poor victimized, long suffering Beth Fukumoto' says she "feels unwelcome" and that she's being "punished" for not pushing back against failed Democrat policies which have caused half of Hawaii residents to struggle from paycheck to paycheck, not to mention the #1 per capita homelessness in the nation, the worst taxes, the highest cost of living, etc.  Yeah, Beth, why wouldn't you want to fight Democrat policies?  Is she deaf, dumb, and blind about how much real suffering there is in the islands like her Democrat colleagues?!?  She must be.
Like her buddy "Ling", the only reason Fukumoto had been a "Republican" appears to have been infiltrating our party and pushing it in the wrong direction.  Don't believe it?  Sounds too wacky?  Well, try this on for size.  If Fukumoto really believed she was a Republican, she could have simply stepped down from the leadership position and be another RINO legislator in the House GOP Caucus like some of her colleagues.  Right now, instead of insisting on being Minority Leader, she could still have an "R" next to her name and keep on voting for all her favorite Democrat legislation while refusing to vote for any reform-minded Republican legislation.  Ahhh, but she'd lose the prestige of 'being the leader'.  Without question, Fukumoto cared about the limelight and using her power to keep the GOP from ever resembling a 'loyal opposition'.  Ever the apologist, Beth Fukumoto NEVER would have let the GOP to majority party status.

Today is another one for the history books, locally and nationally.  It was absolutely unheard of in politics two years ago when Aaron "Ling" Johanson switched parties while being a leader of a GOP legislative caucus.  Well, another precedent has been set today.  This marks TWO unprecedented defections by a party leader -- and it happened right here in Hawaii Nei.  It must be noted that this reflects extremely poorly on the judgment and political acumen of Johanson's and Fukumoto's colleagues.  How could they have confidently picked two huge losers in a row?   Who vetted these thin-skinned liberals for such an important position.   It's time for some real self-reflection by members of Hawaii's House GOP caucus, which gave us Aaron "Ling" Johanson, Beth Fukumoto, Obamacare, the Rail Tax, Sanctuary Driver's Licenses for Illegals, and so much more.

So, NO, Fukumoto is no Republican.  She's a phony-baloney, wishy-washy progressive who belongs among the faceless Democrat politicians who don't mind how badly taxpayers are treated year after yearHer utter and complete refusal to battle Democrats when they and their policies have been responsible for hurting so many island residents (and causing so many to leave Hawaii altogether) tells us, frankly, just how content she is with the way things areAnd that's putting it nicely.  If, as many believe, Fukumoto merely wants to be a celebrity politician who gets along with everybody and wants to be taken sooooo seriously by liberals and news reporters everywhere, well those are the exact kind of establishment do-nothings that Trump campaigned against in 2016 and the kind we need to replace right here in the Aloha State.  Yes, it's time to drain the swamp.  And the abysmal voting record of Beth Fukumoto makes her a Swamp Thing, pure and simple, just like her new boss Joe Souki, just like Colleen Hanabusa, just like Kirk Caldwell, just like Mazie Hirono, just like David Ige, just like all the rest.
Finally, the fact that Fukumoto is LYING to reporters and everyone else about why she was booed at last year's GOP state convention speaks volumes.  She wasn't booed at the convention because she merely criticized Trump. The record is clear. She was booed because she kept threatening to switch parties. She was booed because she supports Democrat policies. And she was booed because she broke party rules by speaking out saying she was adamantly opposed to our party's likely 2016 nominee. Yes, she wouldn't support Trump.  But that's not the point.  She was going out of her way to damage Trump with votersNow that we know she's really a Democrat, those boos were even more appropriate.  Hats off to everyone who saw through her!!

So goodbye, Beth Fukumoto HIRA always saw through her thin disguise.  Even though she was vetted and vouched for by her GOP House colleagues unanimously and praised as the "best choice" by RINO's like Bob McDermott and Gene Ward, conservatives (a.k.a. Real Republicans) always knew Beth was just passing through the GOP on her way to obscurity on the left side of the aisle.
ON THE BRIGHT SIDE :  Now BFF's Fukumoto and Aaron "Ling" Johanson can work together as Democrats; pretending to be different from the older Democrats, but really just helping to prop up the corrupt political status quo which rewards eager rubber stampers like Fukumoto with moments of celebrity.  All the government employee unions will be looking to her to vote "yes".  So will all the other special interest groups who have looted the state treasury.  But, that's okay.  She's not exactly been saying "no" to them all this time.
Once Fukumoto holds her "I'm a Democrat now" press conference with Joe Souki, she will be one of 71 forgettable Democrats to just 5 Republicans.  Call her a "snake".  Call her a "traitor".  Call it a "betrayal".  But, once Fukumoto jumps ship, we won't really have one less Republican.  She chose celebrity over fighter.  She chose liberalism over conservatism.  She chose 'getting along' over acting like she noticed that Hawaii has severe problems.  Hell, she votes like a Democrat already.  You probably won't even notice she's gone.
Soooo, who should replace her ?  There's no time to think about it.  The answer is Andria Tuplola.  In fact, there has already been legislation adopted moments ago to dump Fukumoto in favor of Tupola, introduced by Tupola herself.  When the vote came, Cheape was a no-show (reportedly reading HIRA's last newsletter in a dark corner somewhere).  Thielen and Fukumoto voted "no".  Ward, McDermott and Tupola voted yes.  That's 3 to 2 to 1.  Congratulations, Rep. TupolaHIRA looks forward to learning more about your agenda to reverse the damage done by Democrats over the past six decades.  That's because, right now, Hawaii is the wrong kind of #1 in too many categories.  The Democrat approach has completely failed.  We hope that Fukumoto's replacement (and Fritz Rohlfing's replacement) will provide serious leadership on issues so we can fix Hawaii in our lifetimesGood luck, best wishes, and God Bless to new Minority Leader Andria Tupola in 2017 and beyond.

Thanks to everyone who helped fan the flames of HIRA's campaign to FIRE Beth Fukumoto.  
May this be the beginning of a Republican Revolution in the islands.


President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)
Chairman, HIRA Action SuperPAC

P.S.  HIRA gives special congratulations to Fukumoto's buddies at the Hawaii GOP like Fritz Rohlfing who just two weeks ago gave Beth Fukumoto all the power for our party's messaging, policies and programs.  Great job, Fritz.  You can really pick 'em.

P.P.S. Somebody needs to check at GOP headquarters that Fukumoto's name gets removed from the membership database once she jumps.  Pat Saiki refuses to allow Kym Pine's membership to be canceled; even after Pine donated a small fortune to Democrat candidates in 2016 and openly campaigned against Republicans.  Saiki, Rohlfing and other RINO party leaders might have the same difficulty parting with Pine's pal Fukumoto.  That's because current party leaders really, really want the Hawaii GOP to become a carbon copy of Fukumoto and Pine.  It's a horrifying concept worth remembering as we elect new party leaders in the days and weeks ahead.


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