February 2018
Mid-terms are finished, the school year is half complete, and the clock starts moving quicker for the Mothers’ Club.

Though we do not have a General Membership meeting in February (our regular scheduled meeting has been cancelled since the normal meeting date would have been Valentine’s Day), we have many activities and events coming up and need your help!

The All Night Party Chairs, Patti Theros and Joann Muller, are in need of many volunteers to make the event an amazing night for our seniors. Look for information on our facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/GPSMothersClub/ ) and in all High Pointes editions.

Our annual Spring Benefit fundraiser will be Thursday, April 26 th at noon. Guests enjoy a relaxing afternoon of lunch and a fashion show. We need many volunteers to produce this always successful and fun event. Please sign up at  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0d4cafaf2baafc1-mothers for a variety of different volunteer opportunities.

For an update on the wonderful enrichment programs and preservation projects we have funded thus far this school year, please read these sections in this edition of the High Pointes.

Enjoy the long break this month!


MaryJo Harris
For 90 years, the Mothers’ Club has enriched and enhanced the educational and social environment of the South student body. This mission is accomplished by fundraising through donations, membership dues, events, and the School Store. The funds raised support the South community in three areas subsidized solely by the Mothers’ Club: classroom and educational enrichment, preservation of our historic building, and scholarships to graduating seniors. With support from parents and friends like you, we can continue to fund these areas to uphold the excellence of South and its students.

February 1
GP South Choir Winter Spectacular
7:00 PM
GP North Performing Arts Center

February 19 - 23
School Closed
Mid-Winter Break

March 8
Parent Teacher Conferences
5:00 - 8:00 PM
GP South

ArtFest 2018

South's annual celebration of our art students and their achievements is almost here!

ArtFest 2018 will be March 21-24 in the MPR. Each year, approximately 500 student artists exhibit and sell their work in photography, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, and much more! Celebrate our students and maybe pick up something for home, office, or gifts.

ArtFest 2018 is March 21-28, Wednesday-Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, and Saturday, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm. Awards night is Friday, with the exhibition open 5:00 pm -7:00 pm, ceremony 7:00-8:00 pm. We hope to see you there!

Questions? Contact Publicity Chair, Susan Trudeau, at 313-588-5098 or susan.trudeau1438@gmail.com.

Many thanks to all who opened their homes, decorated trees, and volunteered to help with the Holiday Walk and to everyone who helped with the Faculty Luncheon. Please click below for a full list.
Welcome to semester two! In our house a “half-way there” reference would immediately launch into some quality renditions of Jon Bon Jovi’s 1980s masterpiece, though I am sure there must be a more refined allusion (or at least more modern) that your student can offer. In any case, the new start means that we begin again with a fresh start in grades, attendance and classes. Hooray!

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior Parents:
Scheduling (and over scheduling) Are you choosing your priorities or are they being chosen for you? As we all know, the demands on our time are great. This year as we kick off the course selection process for 2018-2019 with our Course Recommendation Day on January 31, we have added a new column to our form: Weekly Time Commitment. We want students to challenge themselves in their studies, but not overextend their academic commitments such that their lives are out of balance resulting in added stress and anxiety. Families should dedicate some time together for thoughtful discussion about the commitment the student is making in selecting these courses within the context of their other commitments to family, friends, faith, sports and activities. This planning session should include what the family and individual priorities are and how much time they will devote to prioritizing these activities. Our students are amazing and want to do EVERYTHING ! It is our role as parents and educators to support them in building balance, making some hard choices about what is a wise selection and what is better to let pass. Families know their student best and need to play an active role.
This year we will kick off scheduling for next year’s courses on January 31 with Course Recommendation Day. On this date, all teachers will spend time in each class discussion individually with students to offer their recommendation for future classes. Each core academic class will have a Course Expectation Planning Guide outlining the average time and activity commitment required for success in the course. This will also help students and families in course selection decisions. In the case of electives, teachers will discuss other electives available to students. Course selection forms will come home on the 31 st with a majority of courses selected. On the back is a simple worksheet to sketch out other time commitments. After you have had a chance to meet as a family and discuss the selections, please sign this form and return it to the 3 rd hour teacher by February 7 th at the latest. Counselors will be available for easy walk in consulting at lunch on Feb 1, 2 and 5 in the library. When we return from Mid-Winter Break we will be meeting with students in small groups to review course selections for next year, input them on the computer, and complete the annual Educational Development Program (EDP) review (see below for more discussion on EDP). If you have any lingering questions or concerns about course content and requirements, the Program of Studies is available on the school system website. We will be sending out a reminder towards the end of the school year of the classes that your student has selected. At this time, if there are any changes you will be welcome to make modifications. Things to consider include the overall workload of the student, post high school plans, extracurricular demands and possible summer school classes that may replace grades in previous courses. As always, it’s all about balance.

We will also be completing the EDP at this time. The EDP uses the Naviance program to help students define their interests and match them to careers the best fit their skills and interests. It also takes the next steps to link students to college matches and even has a scholarship search engine. You can access this program from home by logging in directly from South’s homepage or https://connection.naviance.com/gpshs You can use your Parent Portal Password to sign in the first time.

PSAT results have been distributed. Use your access code to link your results to Khan Academy for FREE SAT tutoring customized to your student’s needs. What a great resource. Have you had a chance to check out the amazing tools available through PSAT’s My College QuickStart using the access code listed on the results? They also offer college matching and career matching.

Senior Parents : While the majority of seniors have applied for college for next fall, some have waited for the first semester senior year grades to be available before applying. Please encourage your senior to see their counselor immediately to discuss either their college application plans or employment, military service, travel or technical school plans. In addition, any senior who wishes to have their first semester of senior year grades sent to a college can request midyear grades to send online. Students will do this in a similar process to their college application requesting first through Naviance and then stopping in the College Resource Center to complete a short request.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to complete the FAFSA for next year’s college freshmen. Also, look to see if the prospective college or university requires the CSS/Financial Aid Profile

Junior Parents
Another reminder to make that Junior meeting for an uninterrupted hour of personalized college counseling with your student’s counselor. This is critical to understand the college application process at South as well as getting tips on research. Call the counseling center to make your appointment 432-3519
It is an excellent plan for each junior who intends to apply for college admission to register for and take an additional ACT and/or SAT test beyond what they will take with us in April. Students can register online at www.act.org  for the ACT and www.collegeboard.org for the SAT. Please encourage your student to pay attention to deadlines and not to put off registering until the last moment. Test center availability at nearby locations may be at a premium, especially for the April, May, and June tests.
Test Prep: We get the question so often about ways to prepare for the standardized tests. I want to point out a few of the free and convenient tools that we have available. For the SAT the easiest and most helpful online program is the free Khan Academy . Students can link their PSAT results and get a free customized test prep program. The Michigan Electronic Library (MEL) is a state resource available through our school library web page that offers free test prep. Mr. Spencer kindly created a video addressing how to access it at: http://youtu.be/pM9KUDzEkFw
Also Shmoop , accessible through our library web page has great online tutoring options. Our “magic word” when you sign up is “COLOSSAL” This is a free service thanks to the library and the Mother’s Club. We can also offer suggestions for private tutors or tutoring programs upon request. 

AP Students: Chances are if your student is taking an AP exam in May, you already registered and purchased the testing in August during registration. However, it would be wise to have your son/daughter confirm that is all set with the classroom teacher. If you have not already registered for a test, you may do so online until March 16. Once registration is closed, you will not be able to order exams. If you have any questions feel free to contact Mrs. Williams in records. 313-432-3535 or williaka@gpschools.org
If your student is in need of financial assistance, please contact his counselor.  
Restoration of the Cleminson Hall historic windows and doors has been the focus of this years work for the Preservation committee. As many of you can relate, just like with an older home, renovating a building of GP South’s age creates many challenges. The renovation of the beautiful Cleminson Hall window wall has provided a number of surprises and issues, and as a result the timeline for the project was extended. For example, the beautiful bronze doors located in Cleminson, that open (or prior to this project did not open) to South’s front lawn, had deteriorated to the point that many on the job felt they could not be saved. The interior components of the doors had corroded immensely and were beyond repair. After a lot of research and work, we were able to recreate these interior components, save the doors, and they are now in the final phase of completion.

The “window wall” is 90 years old, and this restoration will continue to enhance the architectural integrity of Cleminson Hall and Grosse Pointe South, for another 90 years! We are excited to be nearing the finish line, and reminded that this project is a great example of why the Mothers Club has, and will continue to place such a strong emphasis on preservation of our beautiful building. Thank you to the South community for your patience as this project was much more complicated than originally anticipated. 

If you have any interest in the preservation of Grosse Pointe South, please contact me at  smartin967@gmail.com .

Sue Martin
VP of Preservation

Scholarship Awards Night is scheduled for Tuesday, April 24th, 2018. 
Please note the earlier date than previous years. The 2018 Scholarship Application will be on the website (mothersclubgps.com) by the first week in February.  Please watch the Mothers’ Club website and your emails for more information once the link is posted.  Please encourage your senior student to apply!

The goal of this committee is to enrich the educational experience of our students by funding in-class enhancements, extra-curricular programs, and equipment and materials that the district cannot otherwise fund. Mothers’ Club enrichment support goes throughout the school and across the curriculum, funding projects and programs in the arts, sciences, business, and more.
Twice a year, teachers submit requests for funding programs or items, which they feel, would greatly improve the education they are providing. The next Enrichment request cycle is currently underway. These requests are reviewed at a meeting with the Principal and Executive Board members before being presented to the general board and membership for approval.  
During fall of 2017, approximately $12,000 was approved to help fund the following:
·       Dissection specimens for the Science Department     
·       Purchase of 4 full size tricycles for the Adaptive Physical Education classes
·       Camp Fowler over-night camp for special education students
·       Student participation in the DECA district competition
·       Visiting instructors for choir, band and orchestra students
·       On-campus performance of Romeo and Juliet by the Michigan Shakespearean
Festival for all freshmen English Students
·       Tri M Music Honor Society field trip to see Romance of Rachmaninoff
·       Environmental science field trip to an incinerator, a landfill, and a recycling plant
·       Postage for a Foreign Language Department pen pal program
Store Hours:
Monday: 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Tuesday – Friday: 10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

February Cookie Schedule:
Every Wednesday & Friday During Lunch Hours
BONUS COOKIE DAYS: February 13th & 15th

All school store profits are returned to the students through the Mothers’ Club support of enrichment, scholarship, and preservation.
The online school store is still open for business!
  • Joggers, rain ponchos & sherpa vests are now available
  • New items will be added in the coming weeks
  • Pick up in the store or shipping to non-local shoppers is available
Members of the Class of 2018 will be attending the Michigan Association of Student Councils and Honor Societies (MASC/MAHS) regional conference in February. At the conference, a few select students will also present their event “Dancing with the South Stars” to student leaders from all over the metro area.


Mark your calendar: Thursday, April 19, is Senior Parent Information Night. This is when you’ll find out everything you need to know about prom, graduation, lawn signs, the All Night Graduation Party and the last few weeks of school. 


The All-Night Graduation Party will be held at South on June 7, 2018, from 10:30 p.m. until 6 a.m. the next morning. The party is a chaperoned, alcohol-free and drug-free event intended to provide graduates a safe, fun environment to celebrate with their classmates. Tickets are $70 and are still available for purchase through the Webstore on the school registration site, or by sending a check to ANP Treasurer Julie Erickson, 1344 Yorkshire, Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230. 

For more information, email GPSOUTH.ALLNIGHT2018@gmail.com

  Dear Class of 2019 Parents/Guardians,

We NEED gardens for our Garden Tour !! 
Please contact me @ modlinm@gpschools.org if you and/or anyone you know would like to show your garden in our June fundraiser. 

Several students will be attending the annual State Conference in March. 

Warm regards,

Marianne Modlin, Faculty Advisor
Class Officers
President: Jack B.
Vice President: Amy E.
Treasurer: Allison F.
Secretary: Sarah B.
Faculty Advisor: Marianne Modlin

For additional Class of 2019 announcements:
Spring Elementary Carnival Coming!

We are planning a Spring Carnival for elementary students on April 13th. there will be
fun and games for ages Pre-K through 5th grade. Flyers will be distributed to the local elementary schools with additional information.
The Freshmen Class is looking forward to a great year and their new class council!

Class Council meetings are held every Wednesday at 7:20 am
in room 180 of the S Building (Ms. Karalis’s room). 

All students are welcomed even if they are not an elected officer. 

Athletic Booster Club
The Booster Bash was another successful night at Atwater Brewery! Once again, our silent auction accomplished our goal to continue helping our Blue Devil teams.   
Programs and Events
Coaches Club Membership You can still register. 
ABC membership includes family season passes to all
regular home games and South gifts .
Scholarships May 24, 2018
Up to five $1,500.00 scholarships to deserving seniors who
are active in the Varsity Club and have demonstrated excellence in athletics,
academics, leadership and community service.
Blue Devil Invitational Golf Outing – May 21, 2018 
Friends of the
Grosse Pointe Public Library

February 8, the Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison
February 22 “The Poetics of Democracy in Walt
Whitman’s  Leaves of Grass
March 29, Ernest Hemingway’s  Nick Adams
April 19, “What’s Great about Gatsby” a lecture
about F. Scott Fitzgerald’s  The Great

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