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Can you ask customers without a mask to leave?

The ADA says you cannot discriminate against a customer on the basis of a disability. Pretty simple, right? Well, the EEOC says COVID-19 is a direct threat.

EEOC issues guidance on
opioid use by employees

Two technical assistance documents were released in August concerning opioid use by your employees and accommodation issues under the ADA.

With a car accident case, more
parties can sue than you thought

If you have been injured in a car accident, you are likely focused on filing a lawsuit. There may be other parties who bear some of the blame for the accident.

Your Preference for Reference! GP1's reference checks.

Did you know we provide both personal and professional reference checks as part of our background check process or à la carte? You may choose from either standard questions or provide your own. You can have as many sets of questions or survey types as you like.

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