As states reopen from stay-at-home orders, many are now requiring people to wear face coverings in most public spaces to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Here's the science.

Hiring Practices you
should never skip!

We understand that hiring the right people is important to your company's growth and success. It isn't easy to always tell which candidates will be a good fit.

School openings across globe offer ways to keep virus at bay

School closures risk “scarring the life chances of a generation of young people.” With this in mind, more than 20 countries have found a way to reopen .

House bill would undermine usefulness of credit reports

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill which seeks to help consumers gain easier access to their to their credit information as well as new oversights.

Clear your Volunteer! GP1's service provides FCRA coverage.

We've been checking on volunteers for our clients for over 20 years. Volunteers are screened for the same reason employers conduct background checks - to verify identity and eliminate problems that could arise from an undisclosed criminal history.

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