GroupOne Video Blog Series:
tips from staff trapped at home.
Working from home due to the COVID-19 crisis, GroupOne's sales and marketing associates have been posting a video blog series providing helpful tips to clients.

To return or not return to
work - that is the question!

As Texas and the U.S. emerges from its COVID-19 lockdown, many people who have been working from their coffee tables are being called back to the office.

GroupOne webinar about
Drug Screening posted online

The GroupOne Background Screening and i3screen webinar "10 Things to Know About Screening" originally broadcast on June 10 has been posted online.

WHO warns of second peak,
U.S. suffers COVID-19 increase

The WHO warned that countries could face a second peak of COVID-19, echoing concerns expressed by opponents of rapid reopening in countries around the world.

GP1 Service: It's not rocket science, let us help with compliance!

Is your hospital compliant? With an expanding array of regulatory requirements, healthcare organizations must regularly screen physicians, nurses, non-medical employees, pharmacists, contractors and volunteers against a variety of exclusion lists.

ATS Integration ?