As workers become increasingly tired and isolated, their concentration levels and focus start to drop. Here's a few actions employers can take.

COVID-19 Exposure
Workplace claims dismissed

Can employers be sued by employees who get sick as a result of being exposed to an infected co-worker? Most experts believe such claims would be difficult to prove.

Interesting HR Case:
Older Man & the Young Woman

We read about this case online and thought it might be of interest to HR. The case is going to trial because of the age differences cited by the angry employer.

How to connect
when wearing a mask

Do you find it easier to retreat to your own world rather than decipher what's going on with those around you? It may be easier to withdraw, but at work we can't.

Clear your Volunteer!

Did you know GroupOne's Volunteer Screening provides FCRA coverage? We've been checking the volunteers of our clients for over 20 years. Volunteers are checked to verify identity and eliminate potential problems that could arise from an undisclosed criminal history.

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