As companies across the U.S. declare support for BLM, some are not allowing employees to wear masks that express solidarity with the cause.

COVID-19 vaccinations -
will they be mandatory?

As the world continues to wait for a COVID-19 vaccine, many businesses are considering what a vaccine would mean for their workplace.

Salary History Bans -
all you ever wanted to know

Among the many current trends in HR, Salary History Bans are growing in popularity across the U.S. Many governments are now enacting laws.

Webinar detailing GroupOne advantages posted online

GroupOne's webinar "10 Unique Features in GP1's Screening System," originally broadcast on September 3, has been posted online. Great information!

Be Rational, Check International! GP1's International Screening.

For over 30 years, GroupOne has built a network of trusted international partners. This allows us to provide global education and employment verifications as well as thorough criminal searches. It's important to consider international screening to protect your company.

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