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EFFECTIVE 12/1/2020
We’re pleased to announce our Advance Compensation program for NEW Term and UL policies sold through Protective and Legal & General.

2021 Social Security Fact Sheet

U.S. Individual Life Sales Rise

U.S. life insurers sold 7% more individual life insurance policies in the third quarter of this year than in the third quarter of 2019, according to LIMRA. Growth in the number of indexed universal life policies sold was especially strong.
North Carolina's Department of Insurance Extends CE Deadline

All NC licensed insurance producers whose Continuing Education (CE) compliance period ended: July - November 2020 (based on birth date) have until December 31, 2020, to meet the state-mandated CE requirements.
GPAgency's NC Ethics CE Program
Are you current on your CEs?
If not, don't miss this opportunity!
There are NO quizzes, tests, or exams!

Click on the link below to learn more about this upcoming class and to register/pay.

Tues., December 15 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Online and in-class options. Note: the "in-class" option is limited to 10 -- still spots.

Why Convert Your Clients' Term Policies?
Besides the fact that, unlike permanent policies, term policies typically don't pay renewal commissions, there are plenty of good reasons why it may be in your clients' best interest to convert to a permanent plan.

Regulation Update: IUL Illustrations: AG 49A
AG 49A is an update to the IUL maximum illustrated rate setting methodology defined in the AG 49 regulation. The goal of the NAIC when revising the Actuarial Guideline was to provide customers additional clarity into the structure of IUL policies, especially those that promise enhancers such as indexed loans, multipliers, or bonuses.
AG 49A goes into effect Dec. 14, 2020 and all IUL illustrations must be compliant with the regulation by that date. This means any policy issued on or after this date will require an AG 49A compliant
illustration. We've been receiving updates for our carriers assuring us of their compliance.
Contact us if you have any questions.
Introducing the Sons of Norway!
Yep, that's their name. A fraternal order that has been providing life insurance for 120+ years for its members is now expanding its market and we love their competitively-priced GI Whole Life (0-85).

We began promoting this carrier about 6 weeks ago and are surprised by the number of apps we've received!

Noteworthy Briefs

  • John Hancock: Recently changed the way the elimination period is satisfied on the most recent version of their long-term care insurance rider. Instead of requiring 100 service days before LTC benefits are payable, clients just wait 90 calendar days from the day they are certified as chronically ill and count every day, whether or not they receive LTC services. And, there's no impact on pricing due to this change -- their LTCR '18 rates will remain the same.

  • Mutual of Omaha: Their Fully-Underwritten Life Products: Income Advantage IUL, Life Protection Advantage IUL, and AccumUL Answers are now available on the iPipeline e-Application system.

  • Legal & General: NEW! Coverage Amounts Above $2 Million Now Available For Digital Applications. Currently, more than 30% of applicants using the digital application are approved without the need for exams or APSs. Automated underwriting rules built into the application give eligible clients the opportunity for an easy, exam-free experience. Agents should prepare clients for the possibility of an optional online application experience if they otherwise qualify for the platform. Click HERE for details

  • AIG: Effective now, its non-medical underwriting will be expanded to include eligible cases with face amounts up to and including $1 million. Non-medical underwriting will still be available for their VUL and accumulation IUL products. When applicable, the ability to pivot to medical underwriting remains available.
American National
Learn how to utilize the software that makes managing business a breeze!
Wednesday, December 9th at 10:00 am, CST
Manage Business Electronically with your New Business tool REGISTER

Building a Strong 2021 with Business Owner Ideas
2021 can be a big year for you and your small business clients! Let American National help open up a new market for you in 2021 or help you get more involved in the retirement plan market, which will continue to be a hot market. Wednesday, December 16th at 12 pm, CST REGISTER
Innovative Solutions & Smart Ideas from AIG
Tax-smart strategies that may help your clients reduce their current taxes and help them meet long-term financial objectives. Now is an opportune time to review retirement savings and investment strategies to help make sure you’re being tax savvy.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020 2:00 pm, EST (30 minutes) REGISTER
Cincinnati Life
Voluntary Life Insurance Program

Tuesday, December 15, 11:00 am, EDT (30 minutes)
Cincinnati Life’s worksite life insurance program and sales opportunities:
·        Best practices in marketing voluntary life products
·        Strategic partnerships to enhance sales
·        Valuable tips for successful enrollments
To access the web conference, please click HERE up to 15 minutes prior to the start time. If you are unable to log in, please call 855-516-1410 to listen by phone. The access code is 4322591346. When joining the webinar, please enter your email address as your name, so that we can follow up with you after the webinar.
Carrier Sales Aids
Illinois Mutual
DI Underwriting Financial Guidelines
and Non-Medical Limits
As more workers gravitate toward becoming self-employed, it's anticipated that the demand for income protection will increase. FYI, these workers are often referred to as 'gig workers' because they do short-term work for one or more clients. Of course, not all these workers will qualify for income protection.

We have access to several DI carriers, but, today, we are highlighting Illinois Mutual. We’re here to identify the best DI offers possible for your clients.

Consumer Video on Life Insurance (Life Happens)
“Would my loved ones struggle financially if I weren’t here?” If the answer is yes, then you likely need life insurance. Watch this quick video for the basics.

Historically, the week after a major holiday, health care facilities tend to see an increase in call volume from concerned family members. Families have witnessed first-hand that a loved one may need additional help in their daily routine. As those families start to research the services available, your clients may appreciate this “Step by Step, a guide to receiving long-term care.” This brochure will help families navigate this process, everything from selecting a care provider to a checklist for comparing facilities.

Simplifying the IUL conversation
Helping clients understand the value of Index Universal Life Insurance (IUL) is one of the keys to unlocking its potential to meet their financial needs. Once clients are on board, deciding what to illustrate the policy at can help clients see a realistic picture of how an IUL can really work for them.
This holiday season, light the way for your clients using these impactful virtual tools. AIG's new interactive client tool – Life with Confidence – helps explain the potential impact of market volatility on their financial portfolio and how some features of IUL can help offset the ups and downs.

Right Asset Mix for Retirement Income
Your clients’ retirement income strategies need to have the 'right' asset mix to create tax-efficient retirement income. This client-approved piece will help you discuss the uncertainty of tax rates and the benefits of using a 7702 cash value life insurance policy for potential tax-efficient retirement income.

The DI Conversation
Prospects in the underserved middle market are thinking about income protection. Empower your customers to take control of their finances with DI tools like this Conversation Starter piece.

Holiday conversations: Talking with parents about their plan for care

The holiday season is a time for family gatherings. It’s an ideal time for adult children to take a moment and ask their parents about their future — especially years from now, should they ever need care. Without a plan, often adult children become the plan. And this can be financially and emotionally detrimental to children and their parents. Life Insurance and annuities can help.
<<< CLICK ON IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD a customizable resource you can offer your clients for assistance.
Asset Care Funded with Qualified Dollars video. Did you know that Boomers control 70% of all disposable income?

Prepare for the Great Wealth Transfer!
Carrier Promotions

American National: Annuity & Life Bonuses
September 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020

Annuity Sales: $100 Per Policy:
Earn an extra $100 per policy bonus on each annuity policy that originates in the new ExpertApp electronic annuity application.

Life Sales: $25 Per Policy
Earn an extra $25 per policy bonus on each life policy that originates in the ExpertApp electronic life application and an additional $100 if it’s your first time submitting a life application through ExpertApp.

Earn a Life Sales Bonus With Signature Performance IUL.
Click HERE to learn more.

For each product category, minimum 4 policies to qualify for any bonus and maximum $3,000 bonus.
Get Ready for More Rewarding Term Conversions

It will soon be more rewarding than ever before when you help a client convert an existing term policy between October 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020... READ MORE
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