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Photo>>> Tripp Shaw (back) and Eric Fitz (front) joined the GPA's broker relations team during the pandemic.They are looking forward to meeting brokers face to face!
June is Annuity Awareness Month!

An annuity is a customizable contract issued by an insurance company that converts an investor’s premiums into a guaranteed fixed income stream. Annuities are a perfect option for those who do not have access to a defined-benefit pension plan.

The primary benefits of buying an annuity include principal protection, the potential for guaranteed lifetime income, and the option to leave money to your beneficiaries. Some annuities may also be customized to help pay for long-term care.

We work with a lot of annuity providers! Want to learn more?
Our in-house annuity experts can help -- (800) 283-8376:
> Angela: angela@gpagency.com
> Lyman: lyman@gpagency.com

Contact Melinda@gpagency.com if you need client-facing annuity content.
Our Current Annuity Rates
Mutual of Omaha No Longer Offers GUL Express

As of June 1, 2021, Mutual of Omaha, discontinued their GUL Express (GULE) product. They suggest if you have sold their GULE, you should consider their popular IUL Express (IULE) product as an alternative. Although it is not a GUL product, the death benefit is guaranteed for 20 years when solving for minimum premium. The IULE offers more flexibility than their GULE product did and offers cash accumulation.
The IULE offers:
Simplified Underwriting
  • $300,000 maximum death benefit
  • 8-question knock-out application
  • NO Paramed; NO Blood; No Urine
  • Electronic App Submission

  • Accumulation Value Based on Market Index
  • Minimum 20-year Death Benefit Guarantee
  • Guaranteed Insurability Rider
  • Accelerated DB for Terminal, Chronic and Critical Illness

Contact Teresa@gpagency to learn more.
Great American Life Joins MassMutual's Family of Companies!
Earlier this year, Great American announced that American Financial Group entered into a definitive agreement to sell its Annuity business to MassMutual. This acquisition was completed on May 28, 2021, and Great American Life is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of MassMutual. 
On a day-to-day basis, nothing changes.
  • Same same fixed-deferred, fixed-indexed, fee-based and registered-indexed linked annuities.

  • Their phone numbers, email addresses and websites remain unchanged.They will remain headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • Agent numbers remain the same. Additionally, Agent Appointments, B/D Agreements and Selling Agreements remain intact. 

  • The sale does not affect clients' annuity contracts or the benefits available to them under their contracts. Great American remains the insurer and will continue to honor its obligations under each annuity contract issued. The sale to MassMutual should be a completely seamless experience for clients.
See the May 28 Press Release to learn more about the acquisition or MassMutual. 
Your Own Unique URL for Competitively-Priced Term Life Insurance that Can Be Applied for/Issued in Less than 9 Minutes!

10, 15, 20, 25 & 30-year term life coverage: $50K to $1.5M.

Contact Eric to learn more: eric@gpagency.com 

Still Available!!

Get Paid Faster...


GPAgency's Advance Compensation program is for NEW Term and UL policies sold through Protective AND Legal & General.
Noteworthy Briefs
American National: Launching Two New Crediting Strategies Available July 1, 2021. ANICO Strategy PLUS 7 & 10 will now offer upside interest potential through seven different crediting options.

S&P MARC 5% – Low Volatility. The S&P MARC 5% is a derivative of the more well-known S&P 500® Index that is rebalanced daily to manage market volatility. There is not a cap on the crediting rate in this strategy, and yet, the rate will never be less than 0%.

Nasdaq‑100®  – Growth Cap. The Growth Cap strategy crediting rate is determined based on the annual change in the Nasdaq-100® Index. There is a declared cap on the crediting rate, but this strategy will never credit less than 0%, even when the stock market is down.
Equitable: Previously, Equitable implemented temporary underwriting guidelines due to the pandemic. As of June 1, 2021, many of those temporary changes have been removed. Click HERE for their bulletin.
Carrier Webinars
Long-Term Care Carrier Webinar

In the event you missed this May webinar, here is a recording. Click HERE.
June Webinars

Market Volatility — educating and engaging clients during market downturns
  • Helping clients put market volatility in perspective 
  • Helping clients focus on what they can control 
  • Building on clients' long-term retirement security

Date: Wednesday, June 9th
Time: 1 pm CT

John Hancock
New Protection VUL with LTC Rider

Discover how the all-new Protection VUL with the Long-Term Care (LTC) rider can offer clients both guaranteed death-benefit coverage and guaranteed long-term care protection to age 100.

Date: Wednesday, June 9th
Time: 1:00 pm ET

Pacific Life
Webinar— Split Dollar: Not Gone, Just Different

Learn how split-dollar has evolved and how your business owner clients and their executives may be able to use split-dollar strategies for executive benefit and estate planning cases.

Date: Tuesday, June 15th
Time: 9:00 am ET

Webinar: DOL Cybersecurity guidelines and retirement plans

  • DOL Cybersecurity Tips and Best Practices,
  • Common questions and inquiries, and
  • Where cybersecurity guidelines might go next

Date: Thursday, June 17th
Time: 2:00 pm ET | 1 pm CT | 11 am PT
This webinar will be 30 minutes in length with time for questions following.
Carrier Sales Aids
Promoting the Need for Living Benefit Riders

Reasons for Chronic Illness Protection – below are some infographics to help demonstrate the risk to your clients:

Here’s AIG's sales flyer around the rider, which can be added to any of their permanent products and is available with their non-med underwriting program!
Essential Online Marketing Tips:
Not All Social Media Platforms Are Treated the Same

Ready to expand your customer base with the help of social media? It can be an effective strategy for life insurance professionals — especially when you understand the differences between the platforms. Catch up on some best practices for social media marketing in the latest Broad Market Insights to help capture the attention of your audience.

North American
Are Your Clients Self-Funding for Retirement?
North American offers fixed-index annuities with flexible premium options and lower minimum premium requirements whether your client is just getting started or looking to rollover from an existing account.

Performance Choice® 8 fixed index annuity
  • Minimum premium $20,000 with ability to add premium at anytime
  • Enhanced participation rates up to 185%

North American Charter® Plus 10 & 14 fixed index annuities
Limited time! 1% premium bonus increase special
  • Minimum premium $75,000 with ability to add premium at any time
  • Premium bonus up to 8% 9% on premium received in first seven years (maybe subject to premium recapture)

Contact us to learn more!
Illinois Mutual
Financial Pyramid: Explain DI in Less Than 2 Minutes

This financial pyramid flyer offers a quick visual to show your clients the value of disability income insurance (DI). 

Help employers offer key employees more income protection

Group long-term disability (LTD) insurance is a great foundation for income protection. But it may not be enough for everyone — especially high-income earners who often have an income replacement of 40% or less.

Helping employers add individual Disability Income (DI) insurance to group disability coverage can expand your opportunities — and helps employees overcome their group LTD cap with additional income protection. Principal is one of a few carriers that offers both LTD and individual DI coverage. 
Guaranteed Standard Issue (GSI) makes underwriting easy! Policies are issued to groups of employees with no medical or financial underwriting required — just a few simple questions to make sure they qualify.
  • GSI offers available for groups as small as 5 lives
  • Select Occupation discounts available for corporate executives earning over $100,000
  • Permanent and portable coverage options available for executives

They've made the GSI implementation process even easier with their new eEnrollment platform. This digital solution enables eligible employees to complete and sign their individual disability income (DI) insurance application when and where it's convenient for them. It saves you time and hassle and provides a better experience for your business clients and their employees, too.
Lost Life Insurance and Annuity Inquiry Service
Did You Know? The NC DOI has a Lost Life Insurance and Annuity Inquiry Service to help consumers locate benefits from life insurance policies or annuity contracts purchased in North Carolina. Individuals who believe that they are beneficiaries, as well as executors and legal representatives of the deceased person, may submit an inquiry form. In 2020, the Department returned over $54 million to beneficiaries through this service. You can find more information HERE. Most states offer this service -- check their DOI website.
Carrier Promotions

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